Minor Release: i-doit pro 1.2.4 released!

The release can be downloaded in the customer portal as usual.


  • [Bugfix] List edit: Using the List edit empties the description field (seen in category "General")
  • [Bugfix] Entries in the category "General" in object type "Blade Chassis" will not be adjusted via the mass change.
  • [Bug fix] JDisc: Various bug fixes 
  • [Bugfix] Cluster: The administration instance is removed when an object is assigned as a guest.
  • [Bugfix] The guest assignment makes no logbook entry.
  • [Bugfix] A problem in dialogue-Admin has been solved, in which some fields could not be edited correctly.
  • [Bugfix] Issue resolved in a report that includes the keyword "update".
  • [Bugfix] The Calendar widget displays December 2013 not right.
  • [Bugfix] Field added to the software license allocation list 
  • [Bugfix] Possible XSS vulnerability Ajax (see CVE-2014-1237)
  • [Bugfix] An LDAP problem was solved, in which some users could not login properly with special characters in the name.