Minor Release: i-doit pro 1.2.5 released!

The release can be downloaded in the customer portal as usual.


  • [Bugfix] "Cluster" category: When opening the relationship object browser, the preselection is not working. It always selects the root location. 
  • [Bugfix] Layer 2 networks: Category "Assigned log ports.": Object column displays only the object types and not the object. 
  • [Bugfix] General merging problems in the categories port, logical port and host address when JDisc import. 
  • [Bug fix] When OCS import the objects to be updated have been re-created if one does not also selected the model category for the import. 
  • [Bugfix] Possible XSS injection while setting a property title on the i-doit APi. 
  • [Bugfix] Possible XSS issue (see CVE-2014-1597). 
  • [Bugfix] The IP statistics in the category IP list for IPV4 indicated an incorrect number of free IP addresses. 
  • [Bugfix] One problem with purging a network port connection factory has been resolved.