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Synetics GmbH – We are i-doit

We work every day to make i-doit an even better tool for your IT documentation.

We are not simply a company where people work in. We consider us as a community in which everyone contributes his/her best on every single day to make the vision around i-doit come true.


About us

Synetics GmbH was founded by Markus Wolff and Joachim Winkler in 1996. In its first century, the firm has consistently concentrated on infrastructure topics as a system and consulting company. In a demanding project and customer environment, profound experience in operation and organization of IT environments has thereby been collected and evaluated.

Since 2005 the company is engaged in the development of i-doit, a now leading software solution for the area of IT documentation, CMDB and security. Based on the knowledge of a comprehensive project and consulting experience a core product evolved, which has been further developed in close interaction with users since then and which is the core competence and business of the company since 2013.

What drives us

Information Technology has changed our work life tremendously in almost all areas in the last 20 years. Apart from many innovations and simplifications that this evolution brought up, the requirements and expectations from those who are responsible for the availability and management of the systems, applications and data rise at the same time. The necessary activities are now summarized in the term IT Service Management (ITSM).

The requirements of modern IT operations increasingly have no limits on the size of the company and thus demand more diligence, security and currentness from medium and small organizations. To provide offers that lead to successful solutions for the user, even with a small budget and limited resources, is the key motivation for synetics in i-doit development and marketing.

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Our objectives

We would like to offer a solution which enables small and medium enterprises to professionally handle the requirements of modern IT operations. 

Our contribution

We develop i-doit. The tool for documentation. We focus on this task that we perceive as very demanding. We want to support your IT processes in the best possible way. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience. We are glad to learn for ourselves. Our events are intended to provide the opportunity to learn from each other, to exchange ideas and to get further ahead. This is our contribution to making IT manageable.

Our culture

synetics is an owner-managed company. We are committed to our responsibility towards our employees, partners and customers.

Our mission statement is determined by sustainability, fairness and the pursuit of continuous improvement. Our ambition focuses on the harmony of economic, ecological and social factors. We recognize these as cornerstones for a sustainable, future-proof and successful development.


  • Joachim Winkler (CEO)
  • Kirsten Hildebrandt (COO)
  • Daniel Kirsten (CTO)
  • Stefan Böttcher (CMO)

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