Analysis of CI relations

IT professionals and managers alike rely on a complete IT documentation in their day-to-day business. Whether troubleshooting, planning budgets or allocating resources. Processes can only be supported, projects planned and decisions made on a high-quality database.

In particular, employees who have to make changes directly to product systems due to a lack of test environments often miss the opportunity to test changes in advance. In the worst case, faulty configurations can bring operations to a complete standstill. This results already in various requirements that can be seamlessly covered with the i-doit Analysis add-on.

  1. Audit, measure and control the quality of the IT documentation.
  2. Make the costs for IT services transparent.
  3. Simulate changes to systems to identify the impact of changes to the infrastructure. 
Analysis Add-on: Asset Configuration

If you have already downloaded our whitepaper on the design of a CMP, you know how important it is to clearly define the different asset classes. Only when exactly which information is required for an asset has been defined, can the quality be measured.

Measure data quality

Keeping an eye on the data quality of the CMDB is not only interesting for users, but also for managers. Gaps in the documentation can be quickly identified and corrected. The analysis add-on automatically detects the information quality of all assets. For each category, it determines whether the information has been fully maintained and in which assets improvements need to be made. The respective objects can be called up directly from this view and completed. In this way, specialists and managers can check and control the documentation quality at any time.

Analysis Add-on: Data quality
Analysis Add-on: Analytics Data quality

Simulate changes and failures in the infrastructure.

The linking of several CIs to a service tree and its display with the CMDB Explorer is a standard functionality of i-doit pro that is used by many users to document the IT network. The information contained in relation to this is essential information for identifying weaknesses and potential risks. 

With the help of the i-doit analysis add-on, “what if” queries can be performed at any time, at the push of a button. The effect of necessary maintenance or the failure of a single configuration item on the IT services that depend on it can be simulated in this way without changing the current data stock.

With the possibility of giving the relations freely definable weightings and taking these into account in the analysis, the impact analysis (failure analysis) in the change process becomes even more effective and meaningful. Cluster structures and the hierarchy of elements from the service tree are automatically taken into account.

A simple example of this. An employee is absent due to illness at short notice and a colleague has to take over his tasks. The tasks also include updating the domain controller in the location. In order to check which services are dependent on this server, he uses the i-doit failure simulation. To do this, he selects the domain controller, determines the depth of the service filter and starts the simulation.

Analysis Add-on: Server Down

Now it is immediately apparent to him that the services DHCP, DNS and Active Directory Domain Services are dependent on this server. This information supports him in planning his maintenance.

Cost control for IT services

Both acquisition costs and ongoing operating costs can be stored in the corresponding attributes of i-doit pro. The analysis add-on accumulates these costs at service level and breaks them down. This gives you a complete overview of your licence, maintenance and power costs at service level without complex reporting. By linking the assets, they can be accessed directly to get more in-depth information on operating costs, linked contracts, licences and power consumers.

With the analysis add-on you get various possibilities to evaluate the information of the CMDB and to constantly improve the quality of your services and information. You can find more information on the product page or call us directly.

Pattrick Bluhm - Mit-Autor des i-doit Blogs

The author

Pattrick Bluhm is a certified IT project manager in the field of ITSM, IT documentation and CMDB. He designs and implements documentation projects with i-doit for medium-sized companies in the DACH region. In 2020, he published the book entitled "IT-Dokumentation - Projekte erfolgreich umsetzen".