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The i-doit pro add-on Floorplan has been extended in version 1.5 with new functions for the design and integration of room plans. Until now, room plans were created with building plans, sketches or similar graphics as JPG, GIF or PNG. The new version allows you to place any objects from the IT asset management directly and display them with various information. In this way, you can create not only room plans, but also floor plans or building plans. The view of the IT infrastructure becomes even more comprehensive.

Newly added in version 1.5 is the floor plan editor. With this you can create your own floor plans directly in the add-on and save them as templates. Also new is the option to integrate room plans in other room plans. For example, you can display a room plan in a floor plan and different floor plans in a building plan. This makes visualising your infrastructure even easier. This gives your technical staff a 360-degree view of the entire IT infrastructure.

The innovations in detail

The add-on can be downloaded in the customer area. As usual, you install it in the administration area of i-doit by uploading the zip archive. Afterwards, it is available in i-doit under the menu item Extras -> Room plan.

Via the location view, room plans for buildings, floors or rooms can now be created. To do this, simply create a new room plan via the corresponding button. The floor plan editor is now available in the upper right area. You can use this to create individual floor plans. Use the drop-down menu to select floor plans in L-, T- or U-shape. In this example, however, we will create our own room plan.

After clicking the standard shape, drag the transformation points to any position to adjust the floor plan. You can add new anchor points by double-clicking them. This allows you to fully customise the floor plan.

i-doit pro Add-on Floorplan Grundrisseditor
Especially for floor plans, you will need the floor plan more than once. Save it as a template. For the other floors, you can call up the floor plan you just created and use it again.

Let’s create room plans for the offices now. In these room plans we insert the workstations of the employees and the location of the network sockets. These are marked with an arrow to indicate the location even more precisely. After saving, we repeat these steps with the other rooms.

Now we will integrate the created room plans into our floor plan. To do this, we open our floor plan, click on edit and add our rooms as objects. We move them to the desired location and activate the display of the room plan by clicking on the display icon. We drag them to the desired size and save.

Now we want to integrate the floor plans into the building plan. To do this, we open the building plan, add the floors and save the changes. We group the floors in different levels. To do this, we create two new levels in the level management and add one floor per level. Using the display icon, we can now show or hide the floor plans.

Create floor plans

A new floor plan can be created using the Floor Plan Editor button. Using the drop-down menu, floor plans can be created in L-, T- or U-shape.
i-doit pro Add-on Floorplan Grundriss erstellen

Adapt floor plans

The shape of the floor plan can be customised by adding new anchor points.
i-doit pro Add-on Floorplan Grundriss anlegen

Save floor plans as templates

Created building plans can be saved as a template and thus be used multiple times. This means that they can be reused as often as required, which significantly reduces the effort required when creating new floors or buildings with a similar structure.
i-doit pro Add-on Floorplan Grundriss speichern

Each floor plan can be created and saved as a template.

i-doit pro Add-on Floorplan Grundriss verwenden

Templates can be used and adapted on any number of room plans.

Group objects or room plans into levels

Another new feature is the grouping of objects in different layers. This allows different objects, object groups or entire room plans to be specifically hidden from the floor plan without having to create an additional profile.
i-doit pro Add-on Floorplan Grundriss Ebenen gruppieren

Create and integrate rooms

The new Floorplan add-on thus allows you to draw your own room plans using a convenient editor. The integration of room plans in floor or building plans makes documentation even easier. A central 360-degree view of the infrastructure becomes possible.
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The author

Pattrick Bluhm is a certified IT project manager in the field of ITSM, IT documentation and CMDB. He designs and implements documentation projects with i-doit for medium-sized companies in the DACH region. In 2020, he published the book entitled "IT-Dokumentation - Projekte erfolgreich umsetzen".