New Release: i-doit pro 1.11 is released on July 2nd

You will find the download file in our customer portal.

The new version contains bugfixes and several major improvements and bugfixes: You will find the 1.11 changelog here.

Release Highlights:

Customizable columns in the Object-Browser and Multi Value Category Lists (and even more!)

We finally added user definable columns to the Object Browser and Multi Value Category Lists. They now work just the same way as the Object Lists so you can get context relevant information in both functions.

An even better Object Browser

The Object Browser now has a new UI and handling. It scales better in large and small screens and the user can define for each Object Browser which Object Types are being shown. A new dedicated system setting lets you also define which Object Type is selected by default.

… and the Object Lists again

There was still more space for increasing the productivity: A new user-setting lets you set an option to make the lists “recognize” the last filter. When you visit an Object List again it shows you the results filtered in the same way as the last time.

Password Generation

The password category now has a function that allows you to create a random password on a button click. The complexity can be defined in the tenant-settings


The search function now optionally shows archived or deleted objects (tenant-setting). For a better presentation we added the CMDB-state and condition to the result list.

With 1.11 it is also possible to search within the location tree, to easily search a whole building or any other type of location.

We also refactored the code of the search index. It is now a lot faster and less memory intensive.

CSV Import

The object matching got some enhancements. You can use the Object-ID, E-mail addresses as well as login names for object matchings.

Report Manager

The Query Builder allows the use of multiple variable conditions.

It is also possible to query for specific time periods in relation to the current date (e.g. “since last week”).

Additionally results from multivalue categories can be bundled into a single row.

New attributes in Object Lists

Lots of the Object Lists have new attributes available such as contract begin and end-date, person group memberships and capacities of RAID configurations.

i-doit Help Center

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