License Management

As the manufacturer of i-doit, we publish major and minor releases of our IT documentation solution at regular intervals.

Many changes that are made to the software are based on user requests, which are reviewed and evaluated by the product team and our developers.

Today we would like to give you a short overview of the updates of the past months but also an outlook on the development in the coming years.


What happened so far…

The current development of i-doit in 2021 focused on the one hand on the core product i-doit as well as on the further development of various add-ons.

The further development of i-doit itself focused primarily on the documentation of CPU core-based licenses, as well as on the application-specific and graphical revision of user-defined categories, which can now be arranged via drag & drop. In addition, these can now be searched for empty values. Logbook entries for linked objects have also been further enhanced.

Lizenzmanagement Allgemeine Daten zur Lizenz erfassen

In addition, there were further developments in some popular add-ons such as the

i-doit pro Add-on Floorplan

The i-doit pro Floorplan add-on now allows floor plans to be embedded in a floor plan. For example, individual rooms that already exist as a floor plan can be embedded on the floor plan of a corridor. The user can thus visualize up to three levels on top of each other.

License Management: Contact Assignment

i-doit pro Add-on Relocate-CI

With the i-doit pro add-on Relocate-CI, multiple objects can be moved in one go. The release is to be expected by mid November.

relocate ci

i-doit pro Add-on JDisc  

Traditionally connections that devices have with each other can be detected and imported into i-doit. However, it could happen that manually created information about cable connections was overwritten. The JDisc interface now provides an additional information layer, where logical cable connections are detected without regard to physical connections. Manual inputs are thus no longer overwritten. Furthermore, support entitlements are now also taken over during import. Custom attributes from JDisc can be displayed on the overview page.

i-doit pro Add-on Checkmk 2

Entries imported from Checkmk 2 can now be synchronized with existing data. Important information such as IPv6 addresses, CPU and operating system information is now also imported from Checkmk 2.

What will come

But that’s not all. i-doit will continuously be improved over the coming months. Here are the expected highlights from the product roadmap:

At the turn of the year 2021/2022, an i-doit pro add-on will be released, which currently still bears the working title “Forms Editor“. Here administrators can design forms and make them available to end users, even if they do not have access to the CMDB i-doit. End users can thus enter data into the CMDB in a simplified manner and with consistent quality. Thanks to a separate backend structure, the add-on can also be easily integrated into the intranet – it communicates with i-doit exclusively via the API.

Outlook to i-doit pro 1.18

i-doit pro 1.18 once again addresses flexibility for the user. This starts with the fact that Dialog+ fields with dependencies will no longer be usable only in system categories, but also in user-defined categories, and ends with the significant expansion of placeholders for different object types.

The already very granular permissions system in i-doit will also be further extended according to our customers’ requirements. Permissions can now also be controlled via contact assignments. Through this extension, read and write permissions can be easily assigned via the contact assignment, e.g. for own user devices.

Outlook to i-doit pro 1.19

In addition to compatibility with PHP 8, i-doit pro 1.19 also focuses primarily on making i-doit even more individual and flexible for users. Thus, in addition to categories, attributes in categories can also be hidden in the upcoming version. In addition, the Translation UI can be used to customize designations in the i-doit interface. 

With the possibility to document Y-cables and to export/import reports, two further requests from the i-doit users are taken into account. 

Outlook to i-doit pro 1.20

i-doit pro 1.20 is also dedicated to individualization. Folder functions for user-defined categories are offered and assignment categories can be customized by the user. i-doit additionally enables validation of attributes per object type and no longer only across systems.

With version 1.20, maintenance contracts can be renewed automatically from within i-doit. Notifications for this and many other topics can be customized and sent with the desired frequency. 

i-doit pro will continue to be constantly improved in the coming years. With numerous new, helpful functions and expanded interfaces, it will continue to be oriented towards meeting our customers’ demands on IT documentation and making information usable.