Stefan BöttcherPersonal contacts in these times are rare. So I was all the more delighted when I had the pleasure of attending a live event in early November 2021. The three outstanding founders in the tech business Alex Kendall, Co-founder & CEO of Wayve (autonomous driving), Alison Darcy, Founder & President of Woebot Health (digital mental health therapeutics) and Mila Suharev, Co-founder & CEO of Casafari (real estate data platform) each presented the business idea of their early-stage start-ups. By 2030, the share of new registrations of self-driving private vehicles in Europe will almost halve in favour of autonomous cars (source: PwC; Statista Estimates 2021). Woebot calls its AI-based solution “the future of mental health” and brings a technology as a game changer in psychotherapy via app. Casafari delivers a new kind of transparency for one of the world’s top-selling markets via Big Data analysis.

Software is eating the world!

Team des Startups Wayve This list could be continued to infinity. From the digital transformation of industry (Industry 4.0) to the emergence of new industries in the AR-driven metaverse: Software is eating the world! Everything is going digital.

It quickly becomes clear that with the pace of digitalisation, the demands on IT systems and on the automation of processes are increasing significantly.

The IoT Study 2022 by IDG names “the definition of a scalable, flexible and future-proof IT architecture” directly after “insufficient network quality” as the greatest technological challenge in IoT use cases. The trend towards hybrid and multicloud continues unabated. In addition, thanks to log4J, the topic of security picked up speed again towards the end of the year. The resulting requirements for a clearly documented IT infrastructure that enables a systematic and planned defence against external attacks are perfectly fulfilled by i-doit. The Gartner team forecasts 4.7% growth for IT products in the EMEA region in 2021/22 – slightly lower than in 2020/21. However, the market researchers see a trend towards fewer end devices and more investment in software, services and data centres. And the pandemic? The IBM Institute for Business Value uses the “burning platform” analogy of then Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, in October 2021: “COVID-19 has provided a burning platform to accelerate digital transformation.”

In short, the demands on IT management will continue to increase in 2022. Solid and field-tested IT documentation software can only be an advantage in the coming year as well!

A solid and field-tested software for IT documentation can only be an advantage in 2022

Bildschirm mit i-doit Logoi-doit pro offers a 360-degree overview of technology, services, licences and much more information. Relationships and dependencies between these objects can be freely defined from the perspective of all departments. A detailed rights system allows access rights to be defined on a task-specific basis. In the CMDB of i-doit pro, everything that represents a value for an organisation can be flexibly recorded as a configuration element (CI). This also includes remote architecture in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Uniform interfaces to i-doit pro enable a custom-fit integration into one’s own sales and service strategy. A fair licensing model (pay-as-you-grow) enables professional IT management even in medium-sized organisations. With more and more i-doit pro add-ons from our over 140 project and development partners, existing systems can be connected and enhanced with numerous functions. This applies to discovery tools, monitoring solutions or service desks, among others and ensures customer-oriented innovations. With i-doit, for example, the realisation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) becomes possible. The i-doit pro add-on ISMS is used to permanently control, manage and ensure information security within a company or organisation.

We are curious to see which of the three business models mentioned at the beginning will come out on top in 2022. Autonomous driving, mental health or the Big Data idea for the real estate market? In the end, all of them will most likely configure and manage their infrastructure via a suitable tool – ideally with i-doit pro. And who knows? The first non-IT documentations have also started with i-doit pro – even if autonomous vehicles or real estate are not yet part of it. The added value of an outstanding documentation solution is growing across countries and industries. By the way: We are also looking for new project and development partners within and outside the DACH region in 2022. You can find more information in the partner section of our website.

Due to all these prerequisites, we are looking forward to the new year with particular optimism! We wish you all a good & successful start with i-doit in 2022!