Add-on development with i-doit

We develop i-doit with the clear objective of a lean and high-performance system. However, we would like you to always work with this system which adapts to your requirements.

Therefore, we and many developers continuously develop new add-ons and interfaces which enables the system to be flexibly adapted. And you can take part as an i-doit developer.



What do i-doit Development Partners do?

The free i-doit Development Partner Program is the framework for development of add-ons for the i-doit software by our users and partners. The interaction between external developers and the i-doit developer team is organized here.

The objective of the i-doit developer program is the continuous development of application areas in the form of new add-ons with which the information existing in i-doit can be made usable.

Who can become Development Partner?

Every partner and user who plan the development and sales of their own add-ons is very welcome to participate in the Partner Program. The add-ons do not have to be intended for (paid or free) distribution. They may also be developments that serve their own needs.

Companies willing to take part in the Development Partner Program don’t have any limitations concerning the number of contributors. Thus, also individual entrepreneurs have the opportunity to become Development Partner.


Your benefits as i-doit Development Partner

i-doit Development Partners have insight into areas of development of the software which are accessible to few people only. Only our development partners can access a variety of resources and tools that are otherwise only available to our own developers.

Access to the i-doit developer system

Access to debugging scripts and tests

Access to Nightly builds

Insight into current i-doit source code

Use of i-doit developer documentation

Marketing of the add-ons also via i-doit

Are partners only able to develop add-ons?

The large number of our development partners are developing excellent solutions in the form of new add-ons that can be used to expand the possibilities of i-doit. However, it is basically also possible to contribute to the development of i-doit directly. We are happy to provide you with more information in a personal discussion. 

How can add-ons be marketed?

Primarily the development partner decides what happens to his software and how this is offered and distributed. One possibility is direct marketing via your own channels. On the other hand, the completed add-on can also be offered via the i-doit catalog. In this case, the product can be sold through further channels.

Become Development Partner now

and be part of a growing world of solutions around i-doit!

No matter if user, partner or ITSM developer: everyone benefits from an official development partnership when developing add-ons for i-doit pro. As developer, you obtain access to all necessary information for qualitative high-class and maintainable i-doit add-ons.