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About Us

synetics GmbH was founded in 1996 by Markus Wolff and Joachim Winkler. In the first decade of its existence, the company consistently worked on systems and consulting regarding infrastructural issues. In the process, extensive experience around operation and organisation of IT environments was collected and assessed within a demanding project and customer environment.

Since 2005, the company’s focus has been in the development of i-doit, a leading software solution for IT documentation, CMDB and security. Based on the knowledge of a broad project and consulting experience, a core product was created that has since been continuously developed in close cooperation with its users and represents the main business of the company since 2013.

What Drives Us

Information technology has changed working life in the last 20 years in almost all areas. Besides the many innovations and simplifications which brought and brings this development, the demands on those responsible for the provision and control of their systems, applications and data continues to grow to the same extent. The resulting activities are summarised today under the term IT Service Management (ITSM).

The demands on modern IT businesses increasingly know no limits regardless of company size and demands on medium and small organisations for more meticulousness, safety and being up-to-date have to be met. The main motivation for synetics in the development and commercialisation of i-doit is to provide services which lead to successful solutions for users, including those with a limited budget and resources.

Our Aim

We aim to offer a solution also for small and medium-sized enterprises that makes the professional handling of modern IT business requirements manageable.


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Our Contribution & Culture

We develop i-doit and will continue to expand the four pillars of the software in the future. With the practical combination of technical operation documentation, CMDB, data consolidation and security management, we set our goal to be one of the leading systems for IT documentation worldwide.

We operate the i-doit KnowledgeBase and thus offer users access to a growing, didactic knowledge pool to basics, theory and practical operation of i-doit and ITSM in general.

Our Culture

synetics is a privately owned company and is committed to its responsibility regarding employees and partners.

Our mission statement is determined by sustainability, fairness and the pursuit of perfection.We endeavour to be in harmony with economic, environmental and social factors in order to lay the foundations for a sustainable, future-proof and successful development.



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