Emergency manuals with i-doit

In the new series “doIT BETTER”, which gives a good overview of special functions and add-ons of i-doit on a bi-monthly basis, we regularly provide you with demos and quick access points as well as tips and tricks from our comprehensive experience.

doIT BETTER gives you the following information:

What? The goal

By what means? Which tool to use

How? The demo shows the best and easiest way

doIT BETTER, August 2015: emergency manuals with i-doit

The Goal

Your IT operations have to be guaranteed at all times. Emergency manuals that are easy and quick to create fulfill this need.

The Tool

The Document add-on forms the basis for the creation of manuals. It makes print-ready documents in PDF or HTML format, combining user-created and formatted text documents with actual data from the documentation. The results are visually appealing manuals which highlight the essential information from the technical documentation.

The Demo

By applying user-defined categories and renaming standard categories, we’ve created an environment in the demo version that provides a transparent view of the required core content. We differentiate clearly between configuration and emergency specific categories in our example objects.

The contents can be found in the individual chapters of the emergency manual, from technical configurations such as IP addresses to formatted free texts and guidelines.

Click here for the demo!


Login: admin/admin

Note: The demo is mainly in read-only mode.