IT documentation and configuration management

Even if cloud services and virtualisation are the focus these days, the classic on-site servers still have their right to exist.

Datacenters have changed over the past few years, from simple storage rooms to complex little ecosystems. Intelligent design and supportive infrastructure systems not only ensure a faultless operation, but also help to gain maximal productivity and to reduce the overall energy consumption. Due to this fact datacenters do not only consist of racks and servers, but also include devices such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), cooling systems, KVM switches, fire extinguishers, physical access controls and many more.

So how do you get an overview of all your different rooms, racks, servers, network devices and supportive systems? A flexible and working asset and location management is the minimum goal to achieve.

But with i-doit you can also:

  • Build a datacenter floorplan
  • Do rack and rackunit (RU) management
  • Cabling management
  • Switch-Chassis documentation and visualization
  • Keep track of your energy consumption and cooling
  • Get statistics of your used/unused switch and power ports

And the best thing is that all of this is still embedded within i-doits core functions, the IT-documentation and configuration management. Convince yourself by taking a look at our demo system. Login: admin/admin.