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i-doit can accompany the whole lifecycle of IT hardware assets. This is not only useful for servers and network devices, but also for desktop devices such as PCs and telephones. There are lots of asset management tools on the market, but only i-doit tries to enrich the management with useful features that help you in your everyday life.
Our example company has an inventory of laptops that needs to be managed. The technical details of the laptops were initially imported from a Microsoft Excel file into i-doit. Each device gets a QR-Code that can be printed on a label and sticked on the device. We provide a software for this task (its a portable .exe file for Microsoft Windows). Afterwards, the laptops get assigned to users and additional information such as accounting details and associated warranty contracts are documented.
The user has to sign a custom created receipt for the laptop. Now, when the device is in operation and an error occurs, you can scan the QR code with your smartphone and get the relevant information on the spot.
Convince yourself by taking a look at the QR Code function in detail. Click here for the demo system. (Login: admin / admin)
See the whole process in our video: