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Welcome to the doITbetter Conference 2021

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Once again, we would like to welcome all i-doit users, interested parties and partners to our annual doITbetter Conference. The overwhelming response to last year’s conference has shown us the benefits of an online conference allowing us to gather i-doit community despite a lack of possibilities to travel. With regards to the current situation we have therefore decided to organise the international part of the doITbetter Conference 2021 as a pure online event.

doITbetter Conference 2021 – Agenda

doITbetter Conference 2021 - Track 1

Please find an overview of the topics for this year’s international event below. All presentations will be simultaneously translated into English. This agenda will be regularly expanded and updated until shortly before the start of the event so please make sure to check the conference website regularly for more information.

10:00 a.m (CET) | 20.09.2021 - 6 steps to your IT documentation

What is documentation? And why is it worth more than just filling out Excel spreadsheets?

10:00 a.m (CET) | 27.09.2021 - The CMP as a baseline

The heart of a successful IT documentation! Learn how to organize your basic requirements and plan for growth!

10:00 a.m (CET) | 01.10.2021 - Zammad - Mapping processes with Zammad & i-doit

10:00 a.m (CET) | 04.10.2021 - Success with i-doit projects

Tips and tricks for long-term success of your i-doit project

10:00 a.m (CET) | 05.10.2021 - 5 Add-ons you should know!

Everything you need to know about the add-ons Documents, Floorplan, Maintenance, Relocate CI and i-diary.

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Who should attend the conference?

  • All i-doit users
  • People interested in IT documentation
  • IT administrators and IT decision makers from all industries
  • IT service providers who want to successfully implement their solutions with i-doit

The doITbetter Conference 2021 is supported by the following i-doit partners:

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The doITbetter Conference 2021