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Welcome to the doITbetter Conference 2021

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Once again, we would like to welcome all i-doit users, interested parties and partners to our annual doITbetter Conference. The overwhelming response to last year’s conference has shown us the benefits of an online conference allowing us to gather i-doit community despite a lack of possibilities to travel. We have therefore decided to organise the international part of the doITbetter Conference 2021 as a pure online event. In addition, we have prepared an online LIVE event for you on 07.10., which is completely free of charge.

doITbetter Conference 2021 – Agenda

doITbetter Conference 2021 - Track 1

Please find an overview of the topics for this year’s international event below. This agenda will be regularly expanded and updated until shortly before the start of the event so please make sure to check the conference website regularly for more information.

03:00 - 04:00 p.m. UTC+2 (CEST) | 20.09.2021 - 6 steps to your IT documentation

What is documentation? And why is it worth more than just filling out Excel spreadsheets?

03:00 - 04:00 p.m. UTC+2 (CEST) | 23.09.2021 - Information security through ISMS in i-doit

Information security affects every company. Protect your valuable data with standards and norms such as ISO 27001 and IT basic protection from the BSI. Standards help to proactively counter external and internal threats. Minimise the risk and thereby increase the security of your company. Monitor your processes by using meaningful reports. Benefit from the integration of a CMDB and numerous extensions to automate your IT documentation.

03:00 - 04:00 p.m. UTC+2 (CEST) | 27.09.2021 - The CMP as a baseline

The heart of a successful IT documentation! Learn how to organize your basic requirements and plan for growth!

03:00 - 04:00 p.m. UTC+2 (CEST) | 28.09.2021 - Checkmk: Improve your monitoring with i-doit

i-doit loves Checkmk. While configuring your monitoring system automatically by your documentation you are able to enhance your documentation on-the-fly. Let’s have a quick look what the i-doit Checkmk 2 add-on can do for you.

03:00 - 04:00 p.m. UTC+2 (CEST) | 01.10.2021 - Zammad - Mapping processes with Zammad & i-doit

This talk will show how to map processes with the new Zammad 5.0. Examples such as a release process and the range of functions will be shown.

03:00 - 04:00 p.m. UTC+2 (CEST) | 04.10.2021 - No need to enter serial numbers in i-doit again!

This session explains how JDisc Discovery saves time and effort maintaining your IT asset information within i-doit. JDisc Discovery scans your network and gets detailed anc current information about your assets and their relationships. That greatly simplifies keeping your CMDB data up-to-date.” Speaker Info: “Thomas Trenz is the founder and CEO of JDisc – the company focussing on network inventory and discovery. Thomas worked for more than 13 years on network discovery products before founding JDisc.

03:00 - 04:00 p.m. UTC+2 (CEST) | 05.10.2021 - 4 Add-ons you should know!

Everything you need to know about the add-ons Documents, Floorplan, Maintenance and Relocate CI.

The online LIVE Event on 07.10.2021 – Agenda

Studiohintergrund doITbetter 2021

The LIVE event of the doITbetter Conference 2021

From the doITbetter studio in Duesseldorf (Germany), we present exclusive expert talks and news about i-doit. In addition, you can expect exciting innovations that you should not miss. And all this is absolutely free of charge for you. All talks will be offered in German and simultaneously translated into English.

Please note: All times refer to CEST (UTC+2).

10:00 a.m.10:10 a.m.0:10Opening
10:15 a.m.10:30 a.m.0:15The Highlights from the online tracks of the last three weeks.
10:35 a.m.11:15 a.m.0:40What's new and what's coming?
Everything you need to know about the new i-doit features.
11:20 a.m.12:00 noon0:40Process Now.
New ways in the design of (automated) workflows.
12:00 noon12:30 p.m.0:30Lunch break
12:30 p.m.01:30 p.m.1:00How important is data protection for us?
Privately, we rebel passionately against the Whatsapp privacy policy, although nothing actually changes in the GDPR space. Professionally, however, we are annoyed by every move we have to make on the subject of GDPR. Cookie guidelines and other measures are a horror to us. The State of Bavaria supports the Luca app, which according to many reports has more security holes than a Swiss cheese. On the other hand, the Bavarian state office scans German email servers for sufficient SSL encryption.
Where do these fundamentally different perceptions come from? How much data protection is enough and how much is too much?
01:35 p.m.02:05 p.m.0:30Award: Build your own add-on.
We asked our users to build their own i-doit add-on. See the results and winners of our little contest here.
02:10 p.m.02:50 p.m.0:40The i-doit way of agility and design.
This is the story of our product development process, which has evolved from traditional programming to an agile and user-centric discovery and delivery process.
02:55 p.m.03:40 p.m.0:45Ask us anything.
Do you have questions about i-doit or synetics? Are there any unanswered questions from the online tracks? Or have you always wanted to know what it's like to actively participate in i-doit's development as part of the i-doit team? Ask us anything!
03:45 p.m.04:00 p.m.0:05Closing

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Who should attend the conference?

  • All i-doit users
  • People interested in IT documentation
  • IT administrators and IT decision makers from all industries
  • IT service providers who want to successfully implement their solutions with i-doit

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