Features of i-doit pro

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Features Description
Professional IT documentation and CMDBComprehensive technical and administrative documentation
Intuitive user interfaceBrowser based UI
Basic editing functionsBasic functions like search, template support, bookmarks
Rights and role managementComplex rights management
Advanced and customizable UIMany graphical displays (IP-address lists, rack views). Object types and categories can be edited more easily
File and data importi-doit supports CSV/LDAP/XML/JDISC/OCSInventory import
Add-ons (free and paid)i-doit supports Add-ons
Advanced editing functionsMany functions that make daily tasks easier, e.g. Multi-edit and Mass-Changes
Reports and notificationsAdvanced and customizable reporting and e-mail notifications

IT standard documentation

Regardless of the level your IT documentation has reached, it always forms the basis for the next steps to take. Replacing your Excel files with a database solution? i-doit has everything that you need – you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes.

Need sophisticated, state-of-the-art IT asset management as well as a powerful reporting system for your IT assets? i-doit is handling this task for thousands of users – and often as a highly automated system.

Your IP address management needs to avoid redundancy while enabling transparency and security? Another area where i-doit excels.

Been assigned the task of setting up data centre infrastructure management? With i-doit, you can rely on a trusty companion who grows as your system matures. Rack views, room plans and power/network/air-conditioning/cabling management – all-inclusive as standard!

An ITIL-compliant CMDB

Relationships are everything in ITIL-based configuration management. Only with a powerful (and extensible) relationship model can the big picture truly be seen – and with it the opportunities to provide optimal support to your processes.

To ensure you really see every last detail, we also render the relationships as graphics. So whichever starting-point you use for your search, you always discover the additional contexts. Our relationship model also works in the background to ensure that you don’t need to keep tabs on the meaning of each new interconnection: grandchild, nephew, daughter or grandmother? i-doit tracks your relationships for the simple reason that it’s been developed by practitioners for practitioners.

Interfaces to popular tools for incident and change management are available, and support your progression to service management.

Automated documentation

The future of IT documentation is integrated and highly automated. The goal is up-to-date documentation that naturally forms part of day-to-day processes. Extra, manual tasks that can also be overlooked by accident have no place in the highly automated IT of the 21st century. i-doit offers an API for integrating other tools. This lets you develop anything that isn’t already available as an add-on or interface yourself with minimal effort. And if you’d rather leave development to others, our certified partners can handle the job – plus support and maintenance. The data model is flexible, extensible without further payment and everything is documented.

Documentation for legal security and compliance

Alongside IT documentation for technical and commercial purposes, some documentation tasks are also required by compliance: data protection, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISMS setup, IT baseline security as required by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), industry-specific documentation for critical infrastructure, stringent regulations to be met by ISPs, etc. Here, too, i-doit has the answers: base data can be reused, and what’s already been documented doesn’t need to be documented a second time. This approach facilitates common change management between business departments. The large number of add-ons now available means your i-doit installation becomes a platform for all of your company’s documentation needs.

i-doit pro Add-ons

No two CMDBs are the same. Use our existing add-ons to expand i-doit to include functionality to further improve your workflows. This lets you design a documentation solution that is as individual as your IT. And if the existing add-ons and interfaces are not adequate for your needs, we offer a powerful API for integrating third-party systems. Hundreds of users worldwide are already using this API to automate their documentation processes. Not only ensuring that everything is now documented but also that the data is up-to-date! i-doit is the administrator’s favourite since it offers such extensive functionality and is hugely extensible.