i-doit pro Object Package Subscription

i-doit pro

  • Number of objects:

  • > 10.000 Objects

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i-doit pro Subscription

i-doit is offered on a subscription basis. The subscription model is suitable for all companies and organizations that need an efficient tool for their IT documentation and CDMB. The scope of the subscription depends on the number of objects you want to document. In addition, you can extend i-doit with the i-doit add-ons by many other functions.


What is an Object?

An object corresponds to an asset or configuration item (CI). For example, a server or router or client PC. Contracts, licenses or applications also count as one object. Logical relationships and references between objects are excluded. 


How many Objects do I need?

There is no exact formula, the number of objects strongly depends on the level of detail of the documentation. On average you can expect about 10 objects per employee. Example: Companies with approx. 250-500 employees = 5,000 objects

i-doit pro Add-ons

Some free and paid add-ons are offered. The price for the paid add-ons is based on the largest object package used. All available paid add-ons have the same price.

What is an Add-on?

An add-on brings new functionalities, but is based on or interacts very strongly with the documentation and CMDB data from the base product. Add-ons can be embedded in i-doit’s native interface or have their own interface.

Is Support included in the Add-ons?

No. Support is an optional service and can be booked as required. Specific add-on support is always part of the support packages offered.