A really working CMDB
in a few steps.

Building a CMDB is not witchcraft

“We need a CMDB!”
Surely you will have heard this sentence before. But as simple as this project seems to be, the greater the horror if the project does not run as expected.

Then the moment has come when many myths around the CMDB have their origin. Perhaps the most common one: it is impossible to build a CMDB.

No more myths, sagas and legends
The author of this 30+ page guide, Peter Resch-Edermayr, dispels the biggest myths about CMDB projects in 8 chapters. In a clear and entertaining manner, he gives valuable tips on how you, too, can build a functioning CMDB in your company. In this guide, you will find valuable expertise and numerous aids that will help your CMDB project succeed.

Your advantages of a functioning CMDB

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Efficiency by saving time and money

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Creation of a reliable information point

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Reporting means planning reliability

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Use of the data in further processes

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Our free practical guide shows you:

  • how to build a functioning CMDB in just a few steps
  • which roles you need for your successful CMDB project
  • which “myths” can endanger your CMDB project.