i-doit pro 1.8.1 is released on November 30.

You will find the download file in our customer portal.

i-doit pro 1.8.1 Changelog



  • [Improvement] Security: Use CSRF tokens when saving CMDB categories
  • [Improvement] JDisc profile: New dialog field added which determines the object type of assigned modules within a blade / chassis unit.
  • [Improvement] Configuration that allows substring matching in object list filter (auto-wildcard option)
  • [Improvement] Security: Suppressing visibility of hashes in password fields
  • [Improvement] Security: Usage of authentication cookies (HTTPOnly, Secure)
  • [Improvement] Security: Hash-based password for Admin Center
  • [Improvement] Security: Configurable path to caches and temporary files
  • [Improvement] Login: Usage of CSRF Tokens for an additional security check
  • [Improvement] Inheritance of latitude and longitude in category location
  • [Change] Security: Disallowed access to temp/ directory via .htaccess rule
  • [Bug] Error in category “object vitality”, if no software is assigned
  • [Bug] Unable to add the same IP address to one net more than once
  • [Bug] Object matching profiles: If the object matching profile has not been set in the respective import configuration, the “Default” profile is not being used automatically for some imports.
  • [Bug] Description in smartcard certificate can not be saved
  • [Bug] ID of a dialog+ field is shown in object lists instead of the value
  • [Bug] Object type selection for assignment in csv-import does not have an impact
  • [Bug] Error in the RSS widget when using proxy
  • [Bug] “Last Change” not available as condition in report manager
  • [Bug] “IS NOT NULL” creates error within the Report Manager
  • [Bug] Entries from a custom multi value category are not shown but create duplicate entries in lists
  • [Bug] Report does not allow to select an attribute for category “spatially assigned objects”
  • [Bug] JDisc: Import of attribute “speed” in interfaces are calculated wrong
  • [Bug] Report results are not sortable
  • [Bug] Quickinfo is shown in location path even if it’s disabled
  • [Bug] Layer-2-net assignment not available while importing via CSV
  • [Bug] Customizing the object types on the QCW the Delete button is inactive for self-defined object types and active for standard object types
  • [Bug] SQL error thrown while creating an explicit object relation
  • [Bug] Date format is inconsistent
  • [Bug] Mass change does not replace category entries in a multi-valued user-defined category
  • [Bug] Report Manager: The comparison operators “IS NULL” and “IS NOT NULL” are not correctly displayed when editing existing reports.
  • [Bug] Missing language constant “LC__CMDB__OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST”
  • [Bug] CMDB-Status settings in JDisc profile has no effect if imported via controller
  • [Bug] CSV export of a report with newlines is exported with these newlines resulting in an invalid csv syntax
  • [Bug] Icon for editing list edit is not hidden if the user has no rights to it