New Release: i-doit pro 1.8.2 is released on January 20th.


You will find the download file in our customer portal.

i-doit pro 1.8.2 Changelog


[Improvement]   Report Manager: Add default sorting for reports
[Improvement]   Cable length can be defined in meter
[Improvement]   Csv import ability to identify and connect interfaces via their object / interfaces names
[Improvement]   Extension of csv import’s identification fields: Mail address, LDAP DN, mac address, service tag
[Improvement]   New button in administration to force “row click” for all defined object lists
[Improvement]   Custom categories available in CMDB-Explorer profiles
[Improvement]   Placeholder / variable is written into the according field via click
[Improvement]   New right: “Categories in my created objects”
[Improvement]   Security: Optimized session id handling (Session-Fixation-Attack)
[Bug]           JDisc Import: Newly scanned monitors were not transferred to i-doit via the import
[Bug]           Wrong failure while uploading a xml import file
[Bug]           Fields in list edits of locations are too small
[Bug]           JDisc Import: The JDisc Import (Web Interface) always uses the default JDisc server as data source instead of the selected server
[Bug]           Service filters are duplicated when Internet Explorer 11 is used
[Bug]           Archived cluster members are displayed in the list view
[Bug]           Logbookentries in category ‘model’ do not show the previous entry
[Bug]           Objects in the list view within the category object group can not be called directly
[Bug]           In the specific category “Network”, an incorrect CIDR suffix has been displayed for the object “Global v4”
[Bug]           JDisc Import: License objects are always being created as soon as the Unique Check on object titles is active
[Bug]           Indication error in print view while using the CMDB explorer via Firefox
[Bug]           Default gateway setting disappears after changing another object within the same subnet
[Bug]           Attributes and attribute values are positioned on different heights
[Bug]           Filter resets the input position after a short time
[Bug]           When an object list is configured for the first time, the option “Filter allows findings of substrings” is not activated by default
[Bug]           With a click on “Online Repository” language will be set automatically to english
[Bug]           Under special circumstances users get a session timeout after 5 minutes
[Bug]           Report Manager Kondition Location Insertion Back does not filter correctly
[Bug]           Link is wrong in notification mails
[Bug]           Misdescription of the button “Inherit GEO coordinates” in the location category (german translation only)
[Bug]           Validation of phone numbers with regular expressions does not work properly
[Bug]           Listedit Mode the width is not optimal
[Bug]           Notfications about Certificates does not work anymore
[Bug]           Query builder condition now checks correct value when checking multi-dialog+ fields
[Bug]           Report Manager: Logical location of a location can not be queried
[Bug]           Report Manager: Host address can not be selected
[Bug]           Search index: Reindex does not collect the title and other data
[Bug]           Custom category: HTML entries break editing view
[Bug]           Report shows objects from wrong location under an other location
[Bug]           Reports: “Purchased at” can no longer be evaluated as a condition
[Bug]           Filessystem cache does not write files into tenant directories
[Bug]           Mandatory definition for location does not work
[Bug]           Quick Configuration Wizard: Wrong buttons when creating an object type
[Bug]           Listview CSV export delivers empty CSV Files
[Bug]           Wrong SQL if “IS NULL”/”IS NOT NULL” is used in report manager
[Bug]           Service components can only be selected from infrastructure in report manager
[Bug]           Suggestion in global search does not always work
[Bug]           Deep Search also shows relation objects
[Bug]           E_WARNING: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘isys_module_check_mk’ does not have a method ‘*tivate’
[Bug]           Report execution results in a timeout (Maximum execution time of 600 seconds exceeded)
[Bug]           E_ERROR: Call to a member function get_paths() on a non-object
[Bug]           Example date format does not match the format to use
[Bug]           No feedback when assigning object list configuration to other users
[Bug]           List edit of category “service” overwrites content of “service description extern” with content from service description intern”
[Bug]           Some Entries in the expert settings are not hidden
[Bug]           Incorrect date format for automatically filled date
[Bug]           LDAP sync: Deleted users are not archived
[Bug]           Report Manager: Location path property does not work in conditions with linked objects
[Bug]           Error after session timeout and re-login “Database error : MySQLi error: Lost link to database. (, Unknown error)”
[Bug]           With Define-as-standard in Object lists setting not all settings can be set
[Bug]           High memory load on LDAP import
[Bug]           JDisc Import: Importing an object through the JDisc Discovery category does not occur with the attributes of the object matching profile
[Bug]           Changing Heights of Racks on the Overview Page
[Bug]           Error message appears after click on a report in “Report views” having only “View” rights
[Bug]           Assign DNS Servers to Layer 3 Network
[Bug]           CSV import allocation network port Linked interface double
[Bug]           Cabling Import: Extend Cabling Chain displays no fields
[Bug]           Report Manager: Wrong currency output
[Bug]           Set mater / slave according to relationship master settings when renewing relationships at “cache / database” menu
[Bug]           Report Manager: Service assignment is displayed multiple times, although only one is present
[Bug]           Report incorrectly outputs the name of connectors in a special selection constellation
[Bug]           Default-Template information is only imported into categories, which are selected for the import
[Bug]           Date format is displayed in the wrong format
[Bug]           Links to “Extras – Export” and “Extras – Export” are inkorrekt for exclusively set “Export”/”Import” rights
[Bug]           Display of the assigned network does not allow to read which network was selected
[Bug]           Category “All tickets” does not show any RT-related tickets
[Bug]           Selecting objects in the object browser by clicking the “Page” button is not possible
[Bug]           When updating a module for all tenants, a database error occurs if one of the existing tenants has not installed the selected module
[Bug]           Pager in object browsers only work after scrolling vertically
[Bug]           Wrong alignment for “AND/OR” condition in Reports if cmdb status is selected
[Bug]           CSV export of object lists exported umlauts incorrect
[Bug]           Import of the address assignment (DHCP, static, etc) is not possible via the CSV import
[Bug]           Error message in Excel when opening a file from the CSV export
[Bug]           Error message and missing data when importing a profile in the QCW
[Bug]           Attributes Latitude and longitude are not available in the report manager
[Bug]           Modules can not be deleted / uninstalled in the AdminCenter
[Bug]           Content from the description field of the general category is only found in the search after editing only once
[Bug]           Newly created ip addresses are not found via global search
[Bug]           Unreadable wiring view when displaying multiple hops
[Bug]           CSV-import matches objects when there is no matching configuration
[Bug]           The start and end date of the contract is not mentioned in notifications




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