New Release: i-doit pro 1.8.2 is released on January 20th.


You will find the download file in our customer portal.

i-doit pro 1.8.2 Changelog


[Improvement]   Report Manager: Add default sorting for reports
[Improvement]   Cable length can be defined in meter
[Improvement]   Csv import ability to identify and connect interfaces via their object / interfaces names
[Improvement]   Extension of csv import’s identification fields: Mail address, LDAP DN, mac address, service tag
[Improvement]   New button in administration to force “row click” for all defined object lists
[Improvement]   Custom categories available in CMDB-Explorer profiles
[Improvement]   Placeholder / variable is written into the according field via click
[Improvement]   New right: “Categories in my created objects”
[Improvement]   Security: Optimized session id handling (Session-Fixation-Attack)
[Bug]           JDisc Import: Newly scanned monitors were not transferred to i-doit via the import
[Bug]           Wrong failure while uploading a xml import file
[Bug]           Fields in list edits of locations are too small
[Bug]           JDisc Import: The JDisc Import (Web Interface) always uses the default JDisc server as data source instead of the selected server
[Bug]           Service filters are duplicated when Internet Explorer 11 is used
[Bug]           Archived cluster members are displayed in the list view
[Bug]           Logbookentries in category ‘model’ do not show the previous entry
[Bug]           Objects in the list view within the category object group can not be called directly
[Bug]           In the specific category “Network”, an incorrect CIDR suffix has been displayed for the object “Global v4”
[Bug]           JDisc Import: License objects are always being created as soon as the Unique Check on object titles is active
[Bug]           Indication error in print view while using the CMDB explorer via Firefox
[Bug]           Default gateway setting disappears after changing another object within the same subnet
[Bug]           Attributes and attribute values are positioned on different heights
[Bug]           Filter resets the input position after a short time
[Bug]           When an object list is configured for the first time,