Patch Note: i-doit pro replaces the recently released version i-doit pro 1.8.3.


You will find the download file in our customer portal.

i-doit pro Changelog

As a replacement to the recently released version 1.8.3 of i-doit, there is now a new version,, which rectifies two major errors.

The first error occurs during the authentication via LDAP. The newly implemented adjustment allows the setting up of a standard group for all users from the LDAP. This setting was automatically connected with the admin group, allowing every LDAP user unlimited access. The new installations are not affected.

The second error is that the reports cannot be exported as CVS or TXT files. The generated downloads are empty and do not contain the exported report information.

Both errors are fixed in the version


Changelog 1.8.3

[Bug] No group assignment after first login via OpenLDAP
[Bug] Report manager: CSV and TXT exports deliver empty reports
[Bug] Highlighting of search results displays HTML code


Changelog previous Version 1.8.3

[Improvement]   Object lists: Improve performance of the operating system attribute from the category Operating System
[Improvement]   The relation direction will now bedisplayed better in the CMDB-Explorer
[Improvement]   Highlight all references of the currently active object in the CMDB-Explorer
[Improvement]   Button “Set substring matching in object lists as default” under tools / database in administration
[Improvement]   Button to clear a search filter in object lists
[Improvement]   JDISC import option “update object types”
[Improvement]   Connected cables can be saved, when no connection exists
[Bug]           Unable to select contract’s start and end dates as conditions
[Bug]           Loading profile in Quick Configuration Wizard throws error
[Bug]           The columns of an object list have not been updated after they have been edited via the object list configuration
[Bug]           No entry in category “current file” after import/API call
[Bug]           DB Error Message after Click on “Check_MK:Tags” under Dialog-Admin
[Bug]           Numbers in input fields will be displayed again
[Bug]           Geo-information can not be imported via csv import
[Bug]           The logical por