Patch Note: i-doit pro replaces the recently released version i-doit pro 1.8.3.


You will find the download file in our customer portal.

i-doit pro Changelog

As a replacement to the recently released version 1.8.3 of i-doit, there is now a new version,, which rectifies two major errors.

The first error occurs during the authentication via LDAP. The newly implemented adjustment allows the setting up of a standard group for all users from the LDAP. This setting was automatically connected with the admin group, allowing every LDAP user unlimited access. The new installations are not affected.

The second error is that the reports cannot be exported as CVS or TXT files. The generated downloads are empty and do not contain the exported report information.

Both errors are fixed in the version


Changelog 1.8.3

[Bug] No group assignment after first login via OpenLDAP
[Bug] Report manager: CSV and TXT exports deliver empty reports
[Bug] Highlighting of search results displays HTML code


Changelog previous Version 1.8.3

[Improvement]   Object lists: Improve performance of the operating system attribute from the category Operating System
[Improvement]   The relation direction will now bedisplayed better in the CMDB-Explorer
[Improvement]   Highlight all references of the currently active object in the CMDB-Explorer
[Improvement]   Button “Set substring matching in object lists as default” under tools / database in administration
[Improvement]   Button to clear a search filter in object lists
[Improvement]   JDISC import option “update object types”
[Improvement]   Connected cables can be saved, when no connection exists
[Bug]           Unable to select contract’s start and end dates as conditions
[Bug]           Loading profile in Quick Configuration Wizard throws error
[Bug]           The columns of an object list have not been updated after they have been edited via the object list configuration
[Bug]           No entry in category “current file” after import/API call
[Bug]           DB Error Message after Click on “Check_MK:Tags” under Dialog-Admin
[Bug]           Numbers in input fields will be displayed again
[Bug]           Geo-information can not be imported via csv import
[Bug]           The logical ports are getting displayed again in the “assigned port” attribute
[Bug]           Persons that have been created via the contact assignment can not be found in the global search
[Bug]           Design broken by Wiki link
[Bug]           The port category will issue an error message if the i-doit MySQL user has no execution privileges to perform procedures
[Bug]           Comma behind the template name
[Bug]           post_max_size is displayed twice in the system overview
[Bug]           New entries in the category ‘host address’ are always being labelled as primary
[Bug]           Model is no longer filled out when the content comes from JDisc
[Bug]           LDAP: When logging in via LDAP user, the default LDAP group is always assigned to the user
[Bug]           Monitoring instance can not be set to “-“
[Bug]           Conditions for “Assembly” are not handled correctly
[Bug]           Deleting cables leaves the relationship between the wired objects
[Bug]           Session timeout value of <= 0 or >= 99999[..] leads to inability to log in to i-doit
[Bug]           Removing a slot assignment does not delete the physical location
[Bug]           Attribut selection for category “operating system” empty in report manager
[Bug]           Swiching from search result to CMDB Explorer opens search mask
[Bug]           Report Manager: Comma and point are swapped in currency fields
[Bug]           Report Manager: Layer-3 network details are not displayed when a custom category is polled
[Bug]           File versions: If the latest version is deleted, the previous version is not offered
[Bug]           Incorrect translation in custom categories
[Bug]           Wiring system does not appear in object browers
[Bug]           Wrong presentation of dates in category “contract assignment”
[Bug]           The create right on “Objects of type” (all) will no longer display additional objects in the object list
[Bug]           Searchstring is being manipulated while searching
[Bug]           API-logs are written, even when disabled in the settings
[Bug]           Remove “Root” from the location path inside object lists
[Bug]           Maintenance module: Multiple salutations when choosing multiple objects
[Bug]           Raid capacity is always displayed in GB
[Bug]           Impossible to logout when using SSO
[Bug]           Field in LDAP configuration shown as empty in edit mode
[Bug]           Login into AdminCenter without password possible with any account – except for admin
[Bug]           PHP error while invoking the PDU category after a flawed SNMP call
[Bug]           Contract dates are not being updated after a CSV import
[Bug]           Geo Coordinates Are Cut to Integer Using Komma as Separator
[Bug]           OCS: Port description is not imported
[Bug]           Incorrect logbook content, if an object is placed into another hight unit within the rack
[Bug]           JDisc Import: In the “Update (New Inventory)” mode, newly scanned devices are not imported correctly when they are assigned to a JDisc group
[Bug]           The link to a mobile phone can not be removed via the overview page
[Bug]           Special characters are not stored in the password category “<>”
[Bug]           CSV import: file extension .csv can not contain uppercase letters
[Bug]           Notification “Changed Objects”: Threshold does not affect the notification
[Bug]           Category “DHCP” is missing in list edit
[Bug]           Category “DHCP” is missing in CSV-import
[Bug]           Notifications: Days behave differently than months
[Bug]           JDisc Import: Controller call generates incomprehensible error message if no default server is defined
[Bug]           Objects are unnecessarily blocked several times
[Bug]           Legend in cabling view superimposed information
[Bug]           Wrong presentation of icons in list browser
[Bug]           Attributes selection incorrect in Check_MK Host tags
[Bug]           The arrow for sorting does not sort
[Bug]           CMDB-Explorer crashes when exploring a location with sub-objects without any rights to
[Bug]           Clicking “Search” in the breadcrumb line displays a blank page
[Bug]           Incorrect number of objects to display
[Bug]           Changes to the attribute “Insertion” via CSV import in logbook not traceable
[Bug]           Expert setting “auth.use-in-location-tree” deactivates root location in site browser for all users
[Bug]           Tags are not found in global search
[Bug]           Each login-authorized user is allowed to perform an update from i-doit
[Bug]           Object relationship (Multiple objects) is not accepted for mass changes
[Bug]           Positions in racks are selectable if if they are occupied
[Bug]           Language constants are translated in editing mode for category extensions
[Bug]           Error calculating raid capacity in list local storage -> device
[Bug]           LIMIT in reports is ignored while exporting them
[Bug]           Name of the validated field may be ambiguous in the error message
[Bug]           Status of entries in dialog admin are displayed translated by mistake
[Bug]           Needless scroll bar in list editing
[Bug]           System error message when exporting without a location object
[Bug]           Chart types in the “Chart” widget swapped to selection
[Bug]           Memory unit display in widget “Calculator” for “RAID capacity” is not adjusted
[Bug]           Internal “I-doit status” can be selected as a filter under “CMDB status”
[Bug]           First workflow parameter is overwritten after creation of another parameter
[Bug]           No status selection is possible under “Workflows->Workflows”
[Bug]           Button “Cancel” is missing from “Create new e-mail template”
[Bug]           Wrong Screens or Button after Click On “Cancel” And “Save” Editing A Notification or Email Template
[Bug]           Report category is stil displayed in the treebrowser even though it was deleted
[Bug]           Missing “Cancel” button in Report Manager’s Query Editor



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