i-doit pro Add-on Design

i-doit: donamic add-on

You would like to adjust the appearance of i-doit to your CD and would like to e.g. use your logo?

With this add-on it is possible, even individually for each tenant.

This add-on is provided by: Donamic


  • Increased acceptance of i-doit because of usual look
  • You achieve a deeper integration into your processes
  • Every tenant can be built with a theme fitting to the customer
  • Using your own logo is possible


1.000 objects 5.000 objects 10.000 objects
189,00€ 389,00€ 729,00€


Increase the acceptance and integrate i-doit deeper into your processes by visually adjusting it to you Corporate Design.

With the Design add-on you adjust the GUI of i-doit to your Corporate Design by self-made themes. Thus, a familiar look & feel for the users raises their acceptance. Moreover, you can differentiate the look of test and production environment and therefore avoid data modifications in the wrong environment. As the adjustments can be set for each tenant separately this add-on is especially suitable for providers who want to offer custom GUIs to their customers.

Would you like to know more?

If you have questions regarding this add-on, please use the following form to send a message. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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