i-doit Add-on


Multiple tenants on one system



Enable multi-tenancy IT documentation for departments, divisions or customers on database level, but on a common i-doit installation.

This add-on is provided by: synetics GmbH


  • Multi-tenancy capability on one installation
  • Galvanically separated databases per tenant
  • Individual licensing per tenant
  • Separated user and authorization management for each database


1.000 objects5.000 objects10.000 objects


Maintain your data and the data of your customer clearly separated and audit-proof
The i-doit Tenant add-on enables the data technical division of IT documentation within a common i-doit installation. Therefore the high security requirements of some departments, organizational units or companies can be met. Data of one tenant is not visible to another one.

Core functions
The entire IT documentation can be handled in the same installation for up to 50 organizations. The databases of the particular tenants are completely separated so that there is no risk of mixing data.  The individualization of the CMDB per customer is still possible, so different usage scenarios can be implemented per organization. The existing i-doit license can be divided among all tenants as desired.

Tip: If you require more than 50 tenants on one i-doit installation you can realize this with additional add-on licenses.

Usage scenarios for the i-doit Tenant add-on
When supporting the IT of several organizations it is important to keep the documentation up-to-date and always available. Nevertheless, the databases need to be consequently divided in many cases. Using a common platform the exercise of creating the necessary IT architecture (LAMP stack), hardening and continuous updating of servers as well as establishing of security measures like reverse proxies, firewalls etc. is a one-time effort. The creation of additional i-doit tenants is then a matter of a few minutes. With this the clean IT documentation and the step-by-step creation of the CMDB is possible without extra investment in short-term projects.  Pilot projects and integration tests can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Who is recommended to use this add-on?
Managed Service Providers, Outsourcing contractors and CMDB responsibles who need to dividedly manage the CMDB data of multiple customers or organizational areas and who want to accomplish this on a common i-doit platform.