Nowadays an increasing amount of devices is able to be connected, from smartphones to servers. Whether they are wireless or cabled, all systems need unique IP-addresses to communicate. As a consequence not only is the public IPv4 address space confusing, but also private address spaces.

i-doit gives you clarity and an overview over the IP address spaces. Networks can be documented in detail and presented graphically. Different views and statistics give you information about the utilization of single networks, free IP-address ranges, routers and DHCP-scopes. Integrated Ping and NSLookup functions can get realtime information to verify the data.

Supernet views break down the subnets that are in use. As well as viewing used address spaces, you can also quickly find free networks for further allocation.

But what really gives you an advantage over any other IP address management solution is the integration with the overall IT-documentation. You can assign any information such as customers, configurations, files to your networks or hosts. This gives you an overall picture that is far above just a technical point of view.

Convince yourself by taking a look at these and many other functions for IP address management in our demo system. Login: admin/admin

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