All you need to know about i-doit 1.10 to 1.12 and its Add-ons

The strategic direction for i-doit in 2018 is set. We plan to continue pursuing the objectives of higher quality for the core product and the most widely used add-ons. Additionally we will  focus on the development of the ISMS Add-on. At least in the first half of the new year. In the second half of 2018 we will spend more time on new topics.

But firstly  let’s take a sneak peak into the developer’s room. At the moment we know of around 170 open bugs in the mentioned product context. 75 of these are i-doit core bugs, 65 affect the Document Add-on, 30 affect the API. So we have at least 170 reasons to clean up!

First half of 2018 – i-doit 1.11 in June

As a result we will continually and primarily take care of bugfixing in the first half of the new year. The goal is to get rid of all these 170 bugs by  i-doit version 1.11, which is planned  to be released in June 2018. In between, we plan to release two minor versions (1.10.1 and 1.10.2), one at the end of February and one at the end of April. So you can look forward to a constant two month release cycle.

Obviously bugfixing isn’t all we are going to  do. There will also be new features! The ISMS Add-on will be publicly released in Q1 with a lot more functionality. (Btw: Our partner, don’t panic, is also busy  with a security related add-on. He will release a “Privacy Add-on” early in 2018 which covers the EU General Data Protection Regulation.)

And there is a whole load of other  things going on with the enhancement of i-doit’s core features. One idea is that we want to open up an Add-on store next year that will be integrated within i-doit. To achieve this, we need to establish a new technical licensing model that allows the user to get licenses in a more dynamic way.

There are two specific core features that we hear a lot of ideas about; the object lists and the object browser. This is mainly because they are the most important functions within i-doit. Users use them everyday and it’s like they can never have enough functionalities. Already planned for the development in last few weeks of 2017 (but to be released in 2018!) is to establish user-configurable columns for the multivalue category listings – one of the most expected features. In 2018, the same functionality will be developed for the object browser. Additionally the object lists will have  a little makeover and then have better filtering options and support a better display of multivalue category content.

Second half of 2018 – i-doit 1.12 in December

In the second half of 2018, we will focus on even more core functions; the import (mainly the CSV import) will be enhanced, more attributes will be supported. In addition, the list edit function will also get support for even more documentation attributes.

But let’s also talk about Add-ons. Two topics are definitely set for next year: The workflow function (which is a fixed part of i-doit at the moment) will be completely rebuilt and released as an add-on. The second one is the Floorplan Add-on that will be equipped with the possibility of displaying multiple room/physical location layers and even more new functions.

We will also take care of other add-ons in 2018, but the planning is not fixed at the moment and will be decided and announced mid 2018.

i-doit 2.0

It’s also important to point out that we will be paying  attention to/focussing on/concentrating on the development of i-doit 2.0. At the beginning of 2018, we will write a concept for this major-major release step and define the cornerstones. Later on in the year,  some of  i-doit’s internal functions will be made ready for a 2.0 version. We won’t give you any hints just yet , but look out for  a blog announcement about the features in 2018.

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