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Have you already explored the topic of “IT documentation”? Then you know that there is an exciting and broad range of topics beyond. In this category, you will find many articles on the topics of IT documentation, ITSM and more. Also take a look at our doITbetter whitepapers. You will find comprehensive expert knowledge that will serve as a guide for your documentation projects.
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6 steps to IT documentation

Every documentation project needs a clear structure and solid planning. With our guide “6 Steps to IT Documentation”, we provide you with the baseline to lead your IT documentation to success.
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IT Service Management (ITSM)

Today, hardly any company can do without IT service management processes. Learn what ITSM is and how to implement it in your company. Hint: Download our brand new whitepaper series “ITSM”.
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The CMDB – The heart of the ITSM solution

The configuration management database. It is the central data store and the heart of an ITSM solution. But it can be much more.
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IT monitoring

To keep IT services permanently available, you need to know what’s going on in the network. IT monitoring helps you to keep an overview.
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Network discovery

The more complex your IT infrastructure becomes, the more effort it takes to record all systems and assets. This is where network discovery reveals its full power.
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Service Desk

The Service Desk supports you in handling requests and providing support services. With a CMDB in the background, it becomes even more effective.
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Information Security Management System (ISMS)

The protection of data and information is one of the mandatory jobs of every IT department. With i-doit, you can extend your IT documentation to include an ISMS. But what is that actually? Find out here.
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doITbetter Whitepaper Downloads

How do I start my IT documentation? Is it really impossible to build a CMDB? What is ITSM and which solution is suitable for me? These – and many more – questions are answered in our doITbetter whitepapers.