i-doit pro 1.6 will be launched on September 17.

This major release includes many small improvements which customers and partners have wished for.

Here are some of the key features and improvements at a glance:

CSV import

Sooner or later, every user is confronted with the CSV import, which has now been expanded to include the option of importing specific categories.

Fully-fledged custom categories

The possibility of customising our product at no additional cost has been available since the beginning. In this version, we have enhanced the integration of user-defined categories even more. This can now also be used in the overview, the search and, above all, in the freely configurable lists and is therefore fully integrated in i-doit.

Ping features in IP lists

To support system administrators in their daily work, we now enable the IP address management to “ping” components or query nameserver entries directly from the application. While this does not replace system monitoring, it does give a quick overview of accessibility and configuration.

WAN lines

We have deepened the documentation of WAN lines and implemented a new cabling view with export function.

Maintenance extension

As many of our i-doit users no longer only apply it for documentation, but more and more as a planning tool, we have developed a free extension for the planning and provision of necessary regular maintenance.

Documents Add-on 1.1

There are also news regarding add-on. A new version of the Documents add-on with significant improvements and enhancements will be released. An interesting application, currently being published extensively, should be mentioned: Emergency Manuals, which can be filled automatically with i-doit content and thus kept up to date – also an idea from the i-doit community which we have taken on board and implemented!

As always, we appreciate your feedback on the release and wish you much success with i-doit pro!

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