i-doit pro 1.7 is released on March 23.  As usual, the release brings with it many improvements covering different aspects of the software.

i-doit pro 1.7 brings some important changes which you need to know before updating.
Release Notes for i-doit pro 1.7


We have renewed parts of the technical base system.



Object search

The object search has a completely new technical foundation with a separated search index table. This index is updated in the background and gives the user high performance access to his data, covering even more attributes. A suggestion search makes the process even easier.


PDF Engine implemented in the Report Manager

Also the Report Manager has an improved backend. The PDF engine that was already used in the Document module is now also implemented in the Report Manager export function. Table formatting is now able to be better maintained and the resulting PDF files can be printed easily.


MySQL 5.7

i-doit as a base system tries to stay at the forefront. Making some changes to the database interface has allowed us to welcome MySQL 5.7 in the list of supported database systems.

Multivalue categories

Multivalue categories can now be exported as CSV files.

Check_MK Interface

The Check_MK Interface now supports multi-site configurations, export of cluster objects and the locking of configuration files.

But we have also worked on the functional side of i-doit.



VRRP and HSRP clusters

VRRP and HSRP clusters can now be documented with more information and provide a better overview.

Stacked Switches

Stacked Switches now allow logical ports to be seen across all stack members. Additionally we have given the stack an accumulating object that gives a better overview of the stack members.

GPS geocoordinates

The possibility to document GPS geocoordinates in i-doit is brand new – these can of course be accessed via the API and used in third party applications.

…and together with i-doit version 1.7, we will release two new free extensions.


The Floorplan Add-on

The Floorplan add-on allows you to provide a graphical map of your rooms and buildings. Objects which are assigned in i-doit can be positioned and resized on the map.

The QR Code Add-on

The QR Code Add-on is a windows application that assists you with QR-Code printing. It registers a Windows URL handler that launches the application whenever you click on a QR-Code within i-doit in the browser. There you can adjust the size of the label and define additional properties to be printed, for example the object name, the SYS-ID or the ip-address.


You did IT!