i-doit Development partner

Become a Development Partner and make your idea a reality.
Develop new add-ons or contribute to i-doit itself.

What do i-doit Development Partners do?

The free Development Partnership provides the framework for the development of add-ons and new functions in i-doit by our users and partners. It is the basis for the exchange between external Development Partners and the i-doit development team. The aim is the continuous further development of the software and the opening up of new areas of application.

Who can become a Development Partner?

Anyone can become a Development Partner. Whether you are an i-doit partner, an i-doit user/customer or a technically experienced developer – everyone is welcome to become an i-doit Development Partner – even with only a little programming knowledge.

 Develop add-ons without programming – with the Add-on Packager

Design Add-on

Add-on Packager

With the help of the Add-on Packager, every user can turn their own industry-specific or solution-specific workflow into an add-on and make it available to others. This really gives everyone the opportunity to develop great solutions for the i-doit user community. Use the Add-on Packager to implement your idea for an i-doit add-on.

Your advantages as a Development Partner

i-doit Development Partners get exclusive insight into software development. They can access a variety of resources and tools that are otherwise only available to our own developers. If desired, i-doit also supports the Development Partners in marketing their own add-ons.

Icon: Entwicklungssystem von i-doit

Access to the i-doit developer system

Icon: Beta Phase von i-doit - Exklusiv als Entwicklungspartner

Access to debugging scripts and tests

Icon: Technischer Support von i-doit

Access to nightly builds

Icon: Quelltext von i-doit

Insights into the i-doit source code

Icon: Die i-doit Knowledge Base

Access to the i-doit developer documentation

Icon: aktive Kommunikation von i-doit

Sales and marketing of add-ons via i-doit

Our training offer for i-doit Development Partners

To support our i-doit Development Partners, we offer regular developer workshops (e.g. as part of our annual user conference) at discounted rates. In addition, we offer individual and standardised training formats for different requirements. For further details, please refer to the Partner Training and Certification section.

Would you like to become an i-doit Development Partner?

Request a non-obligation callback now. Our International Partner Manager, Lukas Tkaczick will contact you and answer all your questions in a personal meeting.

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Lukas Tkaczick, i-doit Partnermanagement

Lukas Tkaczick
+49 211 699 31 138