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The Analysis Add-on

The Analysis Add-on is a new approach to link information and relevance from the CMDB intelligently.

Analysis Add-on overview

The individual analyses allow generating information that can only be collected with great effort manually. Previously documented relations and attributes are analyzed under diverse aspects, combined, and then translated into a readable version for the user.

Below are a few analyses examples available in the initial add-on version. The add-on will be expanded by additional analyses in the future.

Purchase and operating costs can be accumulated, calculated and itemized for an IT- or business service. What type of licensing, maintenance and electricity expenditures are incurred for providing the telephone system or the CRM?

Module Analyze Data Quality

A failure simulation of one or more components provides an accurate overview of which systems, services and users may possibly be affected by a system failure. For example, if a switch fails, you can accurately determine which IT or business services are affected by the failure as well as how the path of dependency is generated. The severity of a failure can be calculated based on weighing the object relations amongst each other, so that cluster scenarios, for instance, are taken into consideration.

Failures reported by monitoring can be processed analog to the failure simulation and the consequences can be displayed in the service tree. This provides a readable display of realistic consequences resulting from a technical failure.

Yet another analysis evaluates the quality of the documented data. Statistical analyses of which attributes are managed on which level of quality are calculated here. This, for example, determines whether all information for all servers has been documented in a standardized manner, or if certain attributes have not be entered on certain servers.


Analyzes CMDB information and links

The Analysis module analyzes CMDB information and linking based on relevant functions.


Itemization of acquisition costs

Total costs for IT- or business-services can be calculated and itemized by licensing, electricity, maintenance and acquisition costs.


Failure simulation

A failure simulation calculates the theoretic consequences of a failure and displays a corresponding graphic.


Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring data can be read and the consequences can be displayed in the service tree in detail.


Data quality

Data quality can be analyzed and evaluated. This helps to identify documentation gaps


Who will benefit from this add-on?

All users with a main focus on service tree display and modeling. Service-oriented displays are priority in the analyses add-on and provide relevant information.