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The Documents Add-on

enables the printing of document containing additional i-doit information.



Documents Add-on overview

The Documents Add-on enables the printing of document containing additional i-doit information. The goal is to create diverse manuals; ranging from an emergency case manual, server manual up to overall documentation, the user can create any type of documentation and store it in i-doit.

The basic principle is simple. Certain chapters in the corporate design are edited in HTML-format with a WYSIWYG-editor. These text components can be supplemented with i-doit reports, individual attributes, or lists. The individual chapters are subsequently itemized in manual templates. Of course, the chapters can also be copied or transferred into different manuals to enable multiple usage of the text components. The end result is a complete generic book, including a table of content.



Module Documents Template

Once the document templates have been created, they can be merged with the objects to create complete documents, which can be saved in i-doit. For example, the server manual template with all server objects can be selected and used to compose all of the manuals for all servers.

The completed documents can be accessed in HTML- or PDF-format. The documents are saved in the CMDB with a date stamp featuring the date the document was generated. The documents can be accessed with the document module, but will also be assigned to the appropriate objects and linked to a category.





Creation of documents

Creating any number of self-designed documents.



Mass production


Mass production of documents.


Information from the CMDB

Documents are supplemented with information from the CMDB.



HTML- and PDF-format

Document storage is possible in the CMDB in HTML- and PDF-format.



Assignment to CMDB objects

Documents are automatically assigned to the CMDB-objects.



Who will benefit from this add-on?


All individuals who must provide emergency or server manuals in free-text format. System providers can provide detailed documentation in written form to their customers.