i-doit pro 1.8 is released on October 17.  As usual, the release brings with it many improvements covering different aspects of the software.


Object lists

  • Object lists are now generated on the server side
  • Search-, Sort and View-functions deliver even more performance
  • An easier pagination now allows an intuitive navigation
  • New filtering function 
Search-, Sort and View-functions deliver even more performance

QCW - Quick Configuration Wizard

  • i-doit can now be customized even easier with the new QCW user interface
  • New attribute search gives a comfortable way to find the categories you need

New right to create objects

  • The new Right allows an even more detailed right administration
  • Users can for example be restricted to create objects just within their locations

Design improvement

  • Buttons are closely related to the form fields
  • Better overview through unified column length

File handling

  • Drag and Drop in the category file
  • Autocomplete in the description field of the data browser
  • File upload for user defined categories

System Settings

  • Tenant-wide settings 
  • They overwrite the system-wide settings

Object matching

  • A new global object matching gives the user the power to define how existing objects are matched when importing data
  • The user can define which attributes and which order and number of attributes is used to match imported objects against existing ones


You did IT!