i-doit pro 1.9: New functions


We enhanced the object lists. Again.

The object lists got a new technical backend in version 1.8. In version 1.9 we also added lots of new user interface features that make working with the lists even easier and better.


The Cable Wizard

The Cable Wizard allows to easily work with single cable connections or complete wirings. Even connecting and disconnecting whole patchpanels isn’t a problem anymore.


Net Areas in IP-networks and enhanced DNS documentation

IP networks in i-doit now give you the possibility to document areas that have specific uses. For instance, you can freely define IP-areas for printers or IP-phones. This is also available in the host address category, which we by the way also enhanced by adding more detailed DNS configuration options.


Deep Search

Also the search got a new feature. Now the Deep Search starts automatically if the normal search did not give any results.


Extended guarantee dates

We added more options to document guarantee dates in the accounting category. You can now choose which date excactly defines the start of the guarantee period.


...and much more

  • The language can now be automatically set depending on the browser language.
  • Cables with multiple fibers can be used in multiple connections.
  • Popups now resize to the screen size.
  • The automatic numbering in object titles allows to use prefixed zeroes.

i-doit pro 1.9 Changelog

Release Notes


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