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The i-doit specials – Everything about i-doit and ITSM

The i-doit software is primarily used by our users for IT documentation. However, it can be used for much more. i-doit is not just a fully functional CMDB. It can also be used with other solutions such as Discovery, Monitoring and Service Desk as the basis of a complete ITSM solution.

Our specials cover every topic in detail and offer you additional valuable information. Here you will find our whitepaper and webinar recordings, which allow you to dig even deeper into the respective topic. If you have any questions about any of the topics, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our specials

Discovery - Der smarte Start in die IT-Dokumentation


How should I start with my IT documentation? Often, the question of how to start collecting data is the first hurdle. This is where the world of network discovery systems begins. Instead of capturing each device individually, with a discovery solution you can capture and adopt the ACTUAL state of your network in one step. Your IT documentation project starts at a completely different level. 

Netzwerk Monitoring - perfekte Verbindung mit der IT-Dokumentation


Cryptic message lines, flickering screens, colorful warning lights, shrill alarm signals. At least that’s how movies and television like to depict the events around the topic of monitoring. However, IT monitoring in combination with IT documentation means much more than just the dramatic escalation of the situation. Together, they guarantee that escalation does not occur in the first place and that IT is functioning properly.

Service Desk - Effiziente Unterstützung in komplexen IT-Infrastrukturen

Service Desk

There are many advantages to combining the service desk and CMDB. In the context of comprehensive IT service management, this connection is even indispensable. On this page you will learn everything about “Service Desk”, “CMDB” and “IT Documentation”. You will find important information and checklists in our whitepaper. And we have also prepared exciting webinars for you.

Headerbild Was ist eine CMDB

What is a CMDB?

The larger a company becomes, the more complex its structures become. The same applies to the IT infrastructure. No surprise if mistakes happen at some point because important information was not available at the right moment. This is where a CMDB offers a remedy. But what is a CMDB actually?

Headerbild Was ist ITSM

What is IT Service Management?

The complexity of business processes and their connection to each other is more complex than ever before. Almost all processes rely on information technology resources. This is where IT Service Management comes into action. But what is IT Service Management? And how can i-doit help you implement it?