i-doit Self Service

You will find the answers to many questions about installation and operation of i-doit in our free offers already. Our Knowledge Base, the user forum and the Help Center offer resources that can often provide you with the necessary information already.

Self-Service – Quick answers to your questions

In addition to our paid support offers we would like to introduce a series of free offers. You can use them directly or after a one-time registration. If you don’t need regular support or a quick answer to an important question we recommend the following offers.

Icon: Das i-doit Community Forum


The Forum is especially used by users of the i-doit software. You can post all kinds of questions regarding software and its application. Members of the i-doit team and of the partners are offering their help.

Icon: Die i-doit Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

The i-doit Knowledge Base is a continually growing digital reference book for all topics and aspects of i-doit. Many technical questions are answered by the Knowledge Base already. 

Icon: Hilfe Center von i-doit

Help Center

The Help Center is the interface to the i-doit Support. You can submit your requests online. There is also a list of FAQs which is permanently enhanced and delivers frequent questions about configuration and use of i-doit.