Our responsibility

Our responsibility

We are committed to responsible action. For us, this means: sustainable, fair and just. We strive to harmonise economic, ecological and social factors.

Our employees

“Life is what happens to us while we have just set our minds to something completely different.“ (Henry Miller).

Life is not predictable. We believe that while it is possible to create the framework for a good work-life balance, there will always be situations that need to be addressed individually. Responsibility for our employees means: We take care of them, even when things are not going so well, and always find a solution to problems.

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Society and environment

We strive for responsible growth. Digitalisation is changing our society. And with it the demands on IT operations are evolving, as is the provision and control of systems, applications and data. Irrespective of the size of the company.

We are responding to this change with a solution that enables even small and medium-sized companies to professionally meet the demands on IT operations. For us, responsibility towards society and the environment begins in our everyday life. It is not at all difficult to integrate this awareness into our daily activities. Without dogma – because what really counts is to make a start.

Therefore, we:

buy 100% green electricity,
promote bicycle leasing,
encourage using public transport,
avoid waste and have abolished coffee capsules,
encourage our employees to choose trains over air travel,
only print on paper when absolutely necessary and have introduced paperless accounting,
encourage our employees to save electricity and water,
order regional drinking water,
allow our employees to have private parcels delivered to the office – which saves unnecessary travel,
donate at Christmas, instead of sending gifts to customers and partners.

There are many simple and beneficial ways to implement ideas.

You can look forward to this with us

The HR team at synetics have one goal: to create an atmosphere in which everyone works with fun and success in equal measure.

Mobilität und Nachhaltigkeit


Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf

of family
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Persönliche und berufliche Weiterentwicklung

and professional

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Onboarding program
for an
optimal beginning

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motivation and

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