A Practical Guide to IT Asset Management

Transparent IT Documentation made easy.

A Practical Guide to IT Asset Management

Transparent IT Documentation made easy

Your business is unique – and so is your IT infrastructure.
You don’t need standardized answers. You’ll need a tactical approach. 

Getting started with your ITAM project

The six steps: “How you start your IT documentation” is a hands-on guide for sys admins. Each step takes you further down the road of implementing your first ITAM project. It provides

  • profound knowledge of ITAM processes
  • compact and practical information
  • best practice for IT documentation

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Your quick start to IT asset management

This free guide provides all the information you’ll need in order to successfully start your documentation project. It contains step-by-step instructions of how to get started that will take you through your project.

Hands-on instead of theory

This guide focuses on the daily needs and questions of sys admins and people in charge of ITAM projects. What exactly is a “location” and what belongs to a work space. How to handle missing information and what is the most efficient way to document networks. Check the guide for answers.

Step 1: Documenting the physical infrastructure

Location-based documentation made easy. Learn more about this in our practical guide.

Step 4: Clients

Set up a documentation concept for all your clients.

Step 2: Networks

Set up a network documentation! A practical yet detailed approach.

Step 5: Software

Extra attention needed – how to document licenses and installations.

Step 3: Server Documentation

What should be part of your server documentation? Find best practices in the guide.

Step 6: Key applications and IT services

What is important? Whom to contact during emergencies? Learn more in the practical guide.

Excerpt: The 6 Steps to IT Documentation

You’re now starting a project that will be keeping you busy for the next few months: your IT documentation. Since you’re using i-doit you can amend the project name slightly: your centralised IT documentation. This minor change implies a number of necessities but just as many opportunities: after all, something centralised is intended to be used by several people – and these stakeholders will need similar expertise and skills as well as a few organisational rules.

First things first, however, the question we hear more than any other: How do I get started? And our standard answer: There IS no standard answer, since every company is unique. The specifics of your situation need to be analysed, and a configuration management plan (CMP) can then be developed in workshops. This CMP sets up the agenda and the necessary degree of detail for your individual situation.

After all, regulations for data centre operators are not the same as those in the public sector, and admin workloads will differ between SMEs and cloud providers. Nonetheless, there’s still an optimum logical sequence that avoids repeating any steps in the process.

The sequence also offers us a trip through the opportunities offered by IT documentation. And even if you don’t have a specific item on your agenda: just try it out as part of a pilot project. As you’ll see: sooner or later, you’ll need it.