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The doITbetter

Everything about the topic of "IT documentation" and many helpful tips and information for your journey to a comprehensive IT documentation can be found in our numerous white papers.

The doITbetter Whitepaper ->

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The i-doit
Windows Installer

With the new Windows installer, you can install i-doit pro and all necessary components on your Windows server with just one click in a few minutes.

The i-doit Windows-Installer ->


JDisc & i-doit
The perfect match

Wouldn’t it be great if your IT documentation could almost keep itself up to date? The combination of i-doit pro and JDisc makes it possible.

The i-doit & JDisc Bundle ->



Still using Excel spreadsheets?

License keys are found in various text files? Accounting prints out invoices and staples them? How much time does the tedious compilation of information take? Wouldn’t it be easier to store knowledge about each asset centrally?

Technical information would be available at a glance. Contracts, invoices and licenses would be a natural part of your CMDB.

Learn more about the CMDB ->

i-doit pro – Your central IT documentation

With i-doit pro you combine the knowledge of your IT in one central place. Information is available with just a few clicks.

You can immediately see where a device is located and who is responsible for it. Important documents are available with one click.

The time-consuming search for important information is a thing of the past.

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The i-doit CMDB: The basis for your IT service management

i-doit is the central hub for all information. You can connect other systems to the CMDB via integrated interfaces. Data from monitoring, discovery and help desk flow together and turn into valuable knowledge about your company.

With i-doit pro, you optimize and automate your business processes. You achieve efficient digital processes with IT Service Management (ITSM).

Learn more about IT service management →

The IT documentation that adapts to your needs

i-doit pro adapts to your specific requirements. All functions are available to you right from the start. Without wasting time, you start your documentation project immediately. The available add-ons expand your IT documentation.

With the add-ons, i-doit becomes your individual solution. You add the functionalities you need. The dependency on “off-the-shelf” systems is eliminated.

Check out the i-doit pro add-ons →



That’s why i-doit is the perfect solution for you


i-doit is benchmarked as usually more cost-efficient than other comparable solutions on the market.

Ready to be used

i-doit is ready to be used right away. Complex implementation projects are a thing of the past.

Fair licensing

The size of the license is based solely on what you need. Nothing else.


Add new features according to your demands and build the system you need.

Professional support by our i-doit partners

i-doit partner are specific companies we cooperate with. Not only do they have extensive project experience, but they also have in-depth knowledge of the i-doit software and a solid basic knowledge in the field of IT documentation. Our partners implement your i-doit project and support you in case of questions and issues. They develop new functionalities – also for your particular use cases.

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