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Minor Release i-doit pro 1.9.3 available

New Release: i-doit pro 1.9.3 is released on September 18 You will find the download file in our customer portal. The new version contains bugfixes and several major improvements and bugfixes: You will find the 1.9.3 changelog...

Minor Release i-doit pro 1.9.2 available

You will find the download file in our customer portal. The new version contains bugfixes and several major improvements and bugfixes: You will find the 1.9.2 changelog...

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„We have been using i-doit since October 2011. We use the tool for creating inventories, and, building upon that, to illustrate all the relationships between the network elements relevant to the IT operations in the pharmaceuticals industry. Thus, in particular the functionality of our applications and changes, as per GxP, is guaranteed. The opportunity to create GxP-relevant documentation and be able to access our documentation – which is now paperless – more rapidly really eases our workload. All-in, I am completely over the moon with the solution.“

Markus Schröder

Head of  Org/IT at AvidiaMed GmbH, Hamburg

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„We have been using i-doit since May 2012. We are currently in the process of capturing our entire network with the solution. The useful import functions of i-doit and the template system, combined with the list editing feature, assist us with that. Thus, infrastructural objects with the same properties can be documented quickly. By using i-doit, we hope to make the complexity of our network more manageable, also in regard to new employees.“

Michael Werker

IT admin at the Rendsburg branch office of the Diakonisches Werk Schleswig-Holstein, the state’s branch of the welfare organisation of the Lutheran Church of Germany 



„We have been using i-doit for the documentation of the IT environment since early in 2011. To date, we have captured around 8,000 items in the CMDB, including locations, rooms, servers and services. What we appreciate about i-doit is the option to be able to show links between IT services, and thus dependencies upon or between objects. That helps us to establish emergency plans, as well as undertake maintenance and optimise our IT.“

Marc Mönnikes

IT Admin at KKRN Katholisches Klinikum Ruhrgebiet Nord GmbH, Marl

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„We use i-doit since mid 2010. With this tool, we document the entire server landscape of the company. Currently we need fewer Excel sheets, since the data is deposited in i-doit. So we can always respond when an error occurs. This alleviates our work more and more.”

Jageeran Rasakunasingam

IT Manager at Telegate Media AG, Essen