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i-doit – The Allround Solution for Your IT Documentation Work

From IT asset management to the CMDB: i-doit has a solution for all of your documentation projects. Existing data sources can be integrated, giving you all of your information in a centralised, well-organised repository. Ensuring you know everything about your IT!

Inventory management is a laborious process, but whatever the many origins of your IT assets, i-doit makes it clear and understandable. The entire life cycle for your IT can be understood – including the recipients of your IT assets and the rooms in which they are located.

Main Benefits for Your Organization

i-doit has an integrated relationships model

Put an end to manual hyperlinks in Excel worksheets: i-doit offers a relationships model that is self-explanatory and works out of the box. You simply link objects together and your CMDB constructs itself in no time at all. Racks are located in rooms and computers are slotted into racks: your rack view is ready. And it’s just as easy to model your IT services, draw up room plans and map out your clusters. 

i-doit gives you clarity and capacity management

DCIM work is all about rooms, power, air-conditioning, weights and so forth. Physical server overbooking is a problem – i-doit puts you back in control.  Integrated views give you access to the most important information at a glance, while powerful reporting ensures you can re-export the structured data you need at any time.

i-doit is for any organisation

Whether you’re a two-person start-up or a multinational – everyone has to document their IT. i-doit grows with your company: while it offers functionality you might not need today, you may well be glad of these features tomorrow! And even if you need to complete documentation work for an ISMS, the GDPR, ISO 27001 or other compliance regulations: i-doit has an answer to all of your documentation activities.

i-doit can be used out of the box

We provide nearly 100 object types that can be used straight away. Servers, clients, racks, clusters, routers, switches, etc. Meaningful attributes – from practitioners for practitioners – let you get started on your documentation immediately. Just a few minutes after installation, you and your team will be up and running – including the permissions system. And if you have something specialised to document we haven’t encountered before: the data model is fully extensible – and by you directly with no major consulting effort!

How to Get Started with Your Documentation Project:

  • Register for your 30-day test licence
  • Install i-doit on your server or get a ready-made i-doit Appliance
  • Read through the getting started guide
  • Learn from other users in our community
  • Read our posts and background reports about CMDBs and IT documentation on our blog
  • Get assistance from our partners 

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