IT asset management with i-doit 

Start your own documentation project in a few steps

From IT asset management to the CMDB: i-doit has a solution for all of your documentation projects. Existing data sources can be integrated, giving you all of your information in a centralised, well-organised repository. Ensuring you know everything about your IT!

Inventory management is a laborious process, but whatever the many origins of your IT assets, i-doit makes it clear and understandable. The entire life cycle for your IT can be understood – including the recipients of your IT assets and the rooms in which they are located. 

IT standard documentation

Regardless of the level your IT documentation has reached, it always forms the basis for the next steps to take. Replacing your Excel files with a database solution? i-doit has everything that you need – you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes.

Need sophisticated, state-of-the-art IT asset management as well as a powerful reporting system for your IT assets? i-doit is handling this task for thousands of users – and often as a highly automated system.

Your IP address management needs to avoid redundancy while enabling transparency and security? Another area where i-doit excels.

Been assigned the task of setting up data centre infrastructure management? With i-doit, you can rely on a trusty companion who grows as your system matures. Rack views, room plans and power/network/air-conditioning/cabling management – all-inclusive as standard!

An ITIL-compliant CMDB

Relationships are everything in ITIL-based configuration management. Only with a powerful (and extensible) relationship model can the big picture truly be seen – and with it the opportunities to provide optimal support to your processes.

To ensure you really see every last detail, we also render the relationships as graphics. So whichever starting-point you use for your search, you always discover the additional contexts.

Our relationship model also works in the background to ensure that you don’t need to keep tabs on the meaning of each new interconnection: grandchild, nephew, daughter or grandmother? i-doit tracks your relationships for the simple reason that it’s been developed by practitioners for practitioners.

Interfaces to popular tools for incident and change management are available, and support your progression to service management.

One Software – Many benefits for your business

Allround solution

i-doit is the allround solution for your it documentation – a single software for all use cases.


Choose from the many add-ons for i-doit and get exactly the system you need.

Ready for use

You can start your documentation project immediately without expensive consulting.


With detailed information you always keep an overview over your IT-Landscape.

Industry standard

i-doit is the result of collaboration with administrators and the standard in IT documentation.


i-doit is a professional yet affordable solution that adapts to any organization.


i-doit’s dynamic relationship model turns your IT documentation
into a true CMDB.


i-doit facilitates your daily work. All organizational functions and roles can be operated.

Automated documentation

The future of IT documentation is integrated and highly automated. The goal is up-to-date documentation that naturally forms part of day-to-day processes. Extra, manual tasks that can also be overlooked by accident have no place in the highly automated IT of the 21st century. i-doit offers an API for integrating other tools.

This lets you develop anything that isn’t already available as an add-on or interface yourself with minimal effort. And if you’d rather leave development to others, our certified partners can handle the job – plus support and maintenance.

The data model is flexible, extensible without further payment and everything is documented.

Documentation for legal security and compliance

Alongside IT documentation for technical and commercial purposes, some documentation tasks are also required by compliance: data protection, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISMS setup, IT baseline security as required by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), industry-specific documentation for critical infrastructure, stringent regulations to be met by ISPs, etc.

Here, too, i-doit has the answers: base data can be reused, and what’s already been documented doesn’t need to be documented a second time. This approach facilitates common change management between business departments. The large number of add-ons now available means your i-doit installation becomes a platform for all of your company’s documentation needs.

6 simple steps to IT documentation

You are in charge of an IT documentation project and don’t know how to start? 

The six steps: “How you start your IT documentation” is a hands-on guide (not only) for sys admins. Each step takes you further down the road of implementing your first ITAM project. It provides

  • profound knowledge of ITAM processes
  • compact and practical information
  • best practice for IT documentation


How much does i-doit pro cost?

The costs of i-doit depend on your individual requirements. The larger your IT landscape the more devices and services you have to track and document. And the more objects you have to capture the more extensive your i-doit license should be.

How is i-doit licensed? 

i-doit is offered on subscription basis. The subscription model fits to all companies and organizations that require an efficient tool for their IT documentation and/or CMDB. The scope of the subscription varies with the number of objects you want to document. In addition you can extend your i-doit with more functions of the i-doit add-ons.

1000 objects

389.00 € / yr.

5000 objects

789.00 € / yr.

10000 objects

1439.00 € / yr.

> 10000 objects (Flex)

please contact us


Out of the box, i-doit already offers everything you need for your standard IT documentation. Since your IT unit is naturally as individual as your company business, however, i-doit add-ons are available to enable you to reuse the CMDB data already entered.

These add-ons integrate seamlessly with the flexible data model. So why enter the same base data again in another tool if multiple use cases are already easy to implement?!

As you can see, the comprehensive list also includes interfaces to other tools. Multiple OTRS add-ons bring incident management into i-doit, just as change management is also supported in i-doit by several add-ons. Discovery is also integrated, and your network and system monitoring also benefits from tight integration with the data held in your CMDB. 
On the subject of processes, frequent moves or swapping between devices has an effect on your datasets. But with our add-ons, the workflow becomes noticeably easier – or even fully automated: even the documents you need can be automatically created with the Documents add-on. Equipment has to be maintained, and i-doit’s Maintenance add-on enables the straightforward handling of recurring maintenance cycles. 
Locating devices, workplaces or the nearest printer is a job best handled by the Floorplan add-on.

Our certified partners are also constantly developing new add-ons. One recent addition is a Windows interface for i-doit that includes graphical service modelling. Another partner has also implemented GDPR-compliant documentation with i-doit.

Other examples related to compliance include i-doit extensions for ISMS, support for IT baseline security (BSI/VIVA) and certification to the ISO 27001 standard.

The portfolio is rounded off by industry-specific solutions: using i-doit to document medical devices is as easy as handling cloud management with the i-doit Azure add-on.

Many IT service providers need to ensure that customer datasets are kept separate. Genuine segregation in multitenancy that really lives up to its name is achieved with the corresponding i-doit add-on.
 It’s worth taking a look at the list of available add-ons and putting together your custom solution for documentation and CMDB from the industry standard. 


You can test i-doit and most of it’s add-ons free.







Multi Tenant

Floor plan




Compliance, Data Privacy & Security

Data Privacy


Baseline protection

Baseline Protection 2

IT Service Management






OTRS Connector




Check_MK 2










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You do not know if i-doit meets your requirements?

Just test it. Start your test month today and get to know i-doit in all its aspects. You will receive a full trial with all the add-ons we have developed and enough time to familiarize yourself with i-doit.


Support packages

Each small and medium sized company has got its own requirements when it comes to documenting its IT infrastructure and to defining the level of support it needs during the process. 

In addition to offering various source self-support your installation we are happy to support you in person – fast, reliable and at a reasonable price. Check out the i-doit support plan.

i-doit Basic Support

right Companies with small IT departments or one-man businesses
right IT documentation does not yet have a strategic significance
right Response times are not important
right Answers via the support portal are sufficient

from 589,00 EUR*

i-doit Advanced Support

right Larger companies and production-critical infrastructures
right IT documentation has a clear strategic significance
right Several ITSM processes are served
right Immediate support and a direct contact person necessary

from 2.989,00 EUR*

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Download of the trial version

You can test i-doit pro for 30 days in your local environment. The download version contains all add-ons and can be used in a separate installation. If it is not possible to install the software, you can also test i-doit pro as a pre-configured ready-to-use virtual appliance.

  • Get an overview over your IT infrastructure
  • Import data from your existing IT documentation
  • Perform security analyzes
  • Create reports and documents (e.g. emergency manuals)

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The test account of the online trial version allows write access. Therefore your creative use of the software is desired. Please note, however, that the database is reset daily.

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