CMDB with i-doit

Information turns into knowledge 

Relate all data from Hardware and Software to IT Services.
Take advantage of the knowledge resulting from this exercise in every situation.

i-doit is more than just documenting. You transform your information into knowledge. Everywhere. Everyday.

Management of your entire IT landscape

We are not solely talking about the management of your IT infrastructure, Asset Management or Service Management. We are referring to all these disciplines combined in one single tool. As you cannot manage all of this at once, i-doit grows with your needs.

Hide what is not interesting now, concentrate on your current task. Start small and witness how documentation will turn into a big deal company wide.

More information: Software i-doit

Full-fledged CMDB out of your IT asset management

ITIL® is the theoretical framework for Best Practice in book form. With i-doit we offer you Best Practices in the form of a scalable and flexible tool. Our partners provide us with Best Practices gained by projects.

As far as CMDB is concerned the focus is mostly on mapping Services, Service trees, Relationships and adding details from the ITIL® processes. i-doit supports all this, simple and self-explanatory.

More information: i-doit Use Cases


Flexibly expandable through add-ons

In the development of i-doit we are guided by the philosophy “lean core, wide functionality”. For this reason, we and our partners developed add-ons, which enlarge i-doit with additional functionalities.

Every add-on uses existing data and enriches it. By using add-ons, you can accelerate, streamline and in many cases, automate processes. This way you can improve the data quality and data view and also open up new data sources. Moreover, the flexible architecture allows you to just install the functionalities you really.

More information: i-doit Add-ons


Your i-doit advantages at a glance

360° documentation

i-doit is the full package solution for your IT documentation. A software for all use cases.


You always keep track of your entire IT landscape. Detailed information is the foundation for this.


The dynamic relationship model of i-doit transforms your IT asset management into a full-fledged CMDB.


Through numerous add-ons i-doit can be adjusted to your individual requirements.

Ready to be used

i-doit is ready to be used right away. Complex implementation projects are a thing of the past.


i-doit is benchmarked as usually more cost-efficient than other comparable solutions on the market.

Industry Standard

i-doit arised from a cooperation of administrators and reflects the standard of IT documentation.


i-doit facilitates your daily work. Every organizational function and role can easily be operated.

What is i-doit?

i-doit stands for „I document IT“. By using i-doit you obtain the “point of information” for all your IT processes. Everything, that needs to be documented is centralized in one single spot. Updates are carried out automatically or manually. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your IT.

However, with i-doit you do not document your hardware only. You also have a full-fledged CMDB at hand, with which you can interrelate all aspects of your IT environment.

Who is the main target group for i-doit?

i-doit has a scalable structure adapting easily to your needs and requirements, no matter if you work for a start-up company or a multinational enterprise.

We all face the same issues when describing our IT, reaching from cable to Compliance, from IP address to Cloud Service: all this information needs to be stored somewhere. These issues are covered by companies of all lines of business and sizes around the globe by using i-doit.

What our customers say

Niediedt Gruppe, Wilhelmshaven

"One of the awesome things about i-doit are the relations between objects and the quick availability of information."

Fabian Haddick
IT Manager
Niediedt Gruppe, Wilhelmshaven

Stadt Teterow

"i-doit is an inexpensive multi-purpose tool for our public state authority. My sum: once documented, all under control."

Benjamin Brocks
System Administrator
Stadt Teterow

Stadt Neuwied

"i-doit gives us a central configuration tool without any maintenance hassle about data redundancy."

Gerhard Wingender
IT Manager
Stadt Neuwied

Strato AG, Berlin

"i-doit gives us reliability for data-center planning."

Marcus Lindner
Manager Corporate Network
Strato AG, Berlin

Schmidts TIVOLI, Hamburg

"The big advantage of i-doit: we have our IT infrastructure under control, many investments are only now sensible plannable."

Thomas Schüttler
IT and System Administration
Schmidts TIVOLI, Hamburg

Kreisverwaltung Lüneburg

"Based on i-doit we are now able to tighten and simplify many processes around our IT."

Stefan Domanske
IT Service Manager
Kreisverwaltung Lüneburg

KRZN, Kamp-Lintfort

"i-doit supports us to bring processes together and to simplify them. The tool is our central information hub for Licence Management and Certification."

Frank Schweizer
Area Manager Systems and Network
KRZN, Kamp-Lintfort

KKRN GmbH, Marl

"We are enthusiastic about i-doit, because it shows connections and relations of IT Services and Items. That is a great support for emergency plans as well as for maintenance purposes."

Marc Mönnikes
System Administrator
KKRN GmbH, Marl

Informationsverarbeitungszentrum im WDR, Köln

"Based on the i-doit CMDB we consolidate many information from a lot of systems. As a result we get a holistic view on our heterogenous IT environment."

Jörg Middendorf
Unix and Storage Administration
Informationsverarbeitungszentrum im WDR, Köln

Diakonisches Werk Schleswig-Holstein, Rendsburg

"i-doit helps us to keep track of our complex network environment. A powerful Import, flexible Templates and adjustable List Views are important functions to enable this overview."

Michael Werker
System Administrator
Diakonisches Werk Schleswig-Holstein, Rendsburg

DKFZ, Heidelberg

"Especially the generic data model and the open Source Code are important for us."

Tobias Reber
Manager Central Server
DKFZ, Heidelberg

6 Steps to successful IT asset management

You need an entry into the world of IT documentation?
Then this guide is exactly what you are looking for!

These “6 steps” will guide you in clear sections through your IT asset management project. Competent and easy to understand.

Get your guide to successful IT asset management.

Professional support by our i-doit partners

i-doit partner are specific companies we cooperate with. Not only do they have extensive project experience, but they also have in-depth knowledge of the i-doit software and a solid basic knowledge in the field of IT documentation. Our partners implement your i-doit project and support you in case of questions and issues. They develop new functionalities – also for your particular use cases.

Premium partner

In order to become premium partner companies must have implemented a required minimum number of successful projects. Premium partner are very well positioned, both technically and in terms of personnel, and have in-depth experience with i-doit.


i-doit partner are experts in IT Service Management and specialists for the integration of i-doit in your existing system landscape. They have many years of experience with i-doit and deploy employees trained by the producer for your project. i-doit partner have at least 2 years of experience in the i-doit Partner program.

Support partner

Our Support partner help users having their own support team. We educate these employees specifically and invite them to regular trainings. This guarantees that they can always provide i-doit users with up-to-date information.

Comprehensive support and help for i-doit users

Knowledge Base

We want you to achieve the best possible result by using i-doit. This is feasible when you can find all information about our software in a central location. Therefore, we highly recommend our i-doit Knowledge Base.

There your will find plenty of information about i-doit. Questions about installation and maintenance of the software are answered there. In addition, you find tips and hints for best practices and specific use cases.

 This digital reference book is constantly updated and expanded. Checking the i-doit Knowledge Base will already supply you with answers to many questions and issues.

Help Center

The i-doit Help Center is the single point of contact for questions and issues which could not be answered or solved by other channels like the Knowledge Base.

In our Help Center you find a constantly expanded FAQ list with the most frequent questions about the operation of i-doit. They are primarily derived from the discussions of our support staff with our customers. These are therefore questions that have occurred in real operation.

If you do not find what you are looking for right away, you can also submit a request via the Help Center. Our Support colleagues will directly be notified and will deal with your issue as soon as possible.

Test i-doit for 30 days for free

It is not sufficient if software only looks just fine. It must also leave a convincing feeling. Only then you can make sure that it is suitable for your purposes.

We are sure that i-doit fits to your company. And you should also be sure. Therefore, we provide you with i-doit for your test free of charge for 30 days.

    Test i-doit now! We are convinced that you will be convinced afterwards.