i-doit pro Add-on Analysis

i-doit Analyse Add-on

Calculate service costs, perform impact analysis and check the data quality of the CMDB. These are only three scenarios which are enabled by the i-doit pro Add-on Analysis.

This add-on is provided by: synetics GmbH


  • Impact analysis of changes or outages of IT components
  • Integration of current monitoring data as data basis for further analyses
  • Breakdown of the costs of all IT components (cost accounting)
  • Analysis of the entire documentation and detecting documentation gaps.


1.000 objects 5.000 objects 10.000 objects
189,00€ 389,00€ 729,00€


Calculate service cost, perform outage simulations, outline the data quality of the CMDB. These are three scenarios which are enabled by the i-doit Analysis add-on.

Analysis of CI relations
The connection of several CIs to a service tree und its display in the CMDB explorer is a default function of i-doit pro which is used by many users to document their IT. The information of the relations is essential to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks.

By means of the Analysis add-on, what-if queries (impact analysis) can be performed at anytime by pressing a button.  The impact of a necessary change or an outage of a single Configuration Item on the depending IT services can be simulated without changing the current data.

With the possibility to add freely definable weights and consider them in the analysis the impact analysis in the change process is becoming more effective and meaningful. Cluster structures and the hierarchy of the elements of the service tree are considered automatically.

Check the CMDB data quality
Keeping track of the data quality of the CMDB is a task that affects many of our customers and users.

The analysis add-on relieves us of much control and reporting activity, which is often forgotten in the bustle of day-to-day operations. The quality of the data becomes apparent to the user everytime i-doit is applied. The completeness rate of the active object types, categories and attributes is constantly monitored and graphically displayed. Thus, you always keep an eye on the task to actually feed information into the CMDB. Some belated information suppliers got motivated to contribute based on this check.

Cost control for IT services
Different cost types like acquisition cost or ongoing operating cost can be stored in the respective attributes in in-doit pro. The Analysis add-on accumulates these costs on service level. Therefore, you can keep track of the license, maintenance and electricity costs, accumulated on service level, without complex reporting.

Who is this add-on recommended for?
Users who would like to make use of the data of the CMDB for their own purposes e.g. in Change Management, accounting or budgeting. Because of the high dependency of these processes on well maintained data the ongoing display of the data quality puts a clear visual sign.

Would you like to know more?

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