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i-doit pro Add-on Cabling

If you need to document your cabling, it's a time-consuming job. This add-on gives you overview and smooth workflows for this special task.

i-doit pro Add-on Cabling


  • Detailed display of cabling
  • Show and trace cable lines
  • Print patch orders
  • Detailed information about naming convention and plug types


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Document cables and define efficient patching

The documentation of cabling is not only important for Internet Service Providers. Every IT company has faced the situation that a cable was unplugged or that it was unclear what surprises were waiting on the other side of the cable line. The i-doit add-on supports you on documenting cables in many aspects. On the one hand, the quick overview is possible as you are used to with the CMDB Explorer. The connections are displayed in a clear and compact way. On the other hand, another simplification is available with this add-on: Patch orders are a common way in data centers to schedule work and to be able to hand over the order in a documented form.

Who do we recommend the Cabling add-on for?

Organization that have to document cables as well. 

Pricing & support

This add-on is available free of charge. Support is covered by the i-doit Basic support option.

Do you have any questions on this add-on?

If you need more information about this add-on, please send us a message. We will contact you in a timely manner.