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i-doit Add-on Checkmk2

Integrate the Checkmk monitoring system with i-doit. The target-performance comparison from CMDB and monitoring is supported.

i-doit pro Add-on Checkmk


  • Inventory Agent of Checkmk2 delivers important foundation information for the IT asset management
  • PUSH / PULL procedure for bidirectional use of configuration data
  • New command line tool for automated data exchange via scripts and cron jobs.
  • Extended GUI for more overview about your IT infrastructure.





The connection of Checkmk2with i-doit is unrestrictedly recommended for all users who want to combine a monitoring solution with IT documentation.

Application scenarios of Checkmk Add-on

The use of Checkmk2 Add-on is conceivable from two perspectives. On the one hand, users of i-doit can make sure that objects are directly configured in the CMDB using the extension of Checkmk2 and that no new devices are put into operation without monitoring. Information about the current status of the objects is another benefit.

On the other hand, the connection between Checkmk2 and the CMDB of i-doit with this add-on offers considerable advantages for monitoring specialists. Particularly noteworthy here is the comparison between the target and actual state of the company-wide IT infrastructure. If there are status changes of business-critical objects the user knows exactly where they take place and can directly look up what to do in this case.

Who do we recommend the use of this add-on for?

We recommend the Checkmk2 add-on for organisations or user groups, who want to know the current status of CIs from the CMDB without access to the monitoring system, as well as users, who want to further reduce the configuration effort of Checkmk by performing the configuration directly in the CMDB.

Which system requirements are there?

Please consider that this add-on at least requires i-doit version 1.12. Further information about the technical pre-requisites for the use of Checkmk2 add-on can be found in our Knowledge Base Article “Checkmk2: Requirements”.

Pricing & support

From the 1st object

€ 0.2759 *

annually per object

Support options

Information on support options can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

* up to 20,000 objects. Individual project prices apply for larger licenses.

Do you have any questions on this add-on?

If you need more information about this add-on, please send us a message. We will contact you in a timely manner.