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With the Documents add-on for i-doit pro you can create written documents out of your CMDB. Even your own formatting is no problem thanks to the integrated WYSIWYG editor. This add-on is not only suitable for the creation of printed documents, but can also provide sources available online with content from the CMDB.

This add-on is provided by: synetics GmbH

Functions and prices

  • Creation of custom (PDF) documents via WYSIWYG editor
  • Documents are enriched by information from the CMDB
  • Documents are stored versioned and related to objects
  • Example: Creation of hardware release document


1.000 objects 5.000 objects 10.000 objects
189,00€ 389,00€ 729,00€


The i-doit Documents add-on keeps your written IT documentation up-to-date.

Classic documents still play an important role in IT documentation. On the one hand, as proof that you document, and on the other hand, as reference to look up in case of contingency scenarios where you might not have access to databases or applications like i-doit. But we have much more use cases for this add-on.

Core functions of the add-on

  • Automatic creation of written (PDF) documents filled with contents of the CMDB
  • Use of WYSIWYG editor to format and design templates, e.g. in Corporate Design.

Create contingency manuals and other documents in your own design.

Text modules created once can be re-used, this results in a lot of use cases. First of all, you think about the contingency manual of course. Its generation is often a project on its own. But even for daily recurring processes like the release of IT equipment to users including the current data protection policy, rental tickets for video beamers with their instructions or the access to guest WLAN: Most of the time documents have to be issued that have to be up-to-the-minute and be completed by data from the CMDB.

Automatic update of external contents

The above-mentioned use cases are based on documents that are also printed. However, the Documents add-on can also generate other formats. Online contents can be kept up-to-date on other platforms.

Instructions, knowledge databases etc. are stored in Wikis in many organizations. These can be at least fed by external contents. Further necessary activities are the update of the web shop for the ordering of IT equipment, the update of the service catalog. They can be partly or fully automated by the Documents add-on. The foundation data is available in the CMDB.

Reporting and documentation for customers

Clean prepared documentation delivered on-time and in addition with the correct content: This is what you expect when you order IT services from providers or if IT services are outsourced. This means time-consuming and expensive documentation processes for the providers of the services, or: The automation with the Documents add-on. This way the access to particularly defined documentation is granted without direct access to the CMDB.

Who do we recommend the use of this add-on to?

Organizations, that need to use the data of the CMDB in documents and that want to reduce the effort to a one-time creation of the documents.

Would you like to know more?

If you have questions regarding this add-on, please use the following form to send a message. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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