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i-doit pro Add-on ((OTRS)) Community Edition

Establish a connection to ((OTRS)) Community Edition. No customization is necessary on the ((OTRS)) Community Edition side. The add-on is also functional after an ((OTRS)) Community Edition update.

i-doit pro Add-on OTRS Connector von it-novum


  • CMDB fully available in ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • No installation on ((OTRS)) Community Edition side required
  • No update of the connector required in case of ((OTRS)) Community Edition updates
  • Free choice of information to be synchronized from i-doit to ((OTRS)) Community Edition


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Ticketing system with i-doit connection

The ticketing system ((OTRS)) Community Edition can be combined with i-doit to one system without any problems because of the i-doit/((OTRS)) Community Edition connector. The Connector built as i-doit add-on keeps CIs (assets/inventory) and service data synchronized between ((OTRS)) Community Edition and i-doit. i-doit is the leading system.

Pricing & support

Information on prices and support options can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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