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i-doit pro Add-on Nagios

Connect the open source monitoring solution Nagios to your i-doit CMDB.
Configuration settings can be made directly in i-doit.

i-doit pro Add-on Nagios


  • Connection to the Open Source monitoring software Nagios
  • Configuration of monitoring settings in i-doit and linking with documented objects
  • Export of data into valid Nagios configuration files
  • Reading real data from monitoring using NDOUtils or live status


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Connection to Nagios

i-doit provides a connection to the popular monitoring application Nagios, which controls the monitoring configuration on the one hand, but also collects data resulting from the monitoring and assigns them to the corresponding objects in i-doit on the other hand. For the latter, the interface supports the quasi standards Livestatus and NDOUtils, which also provides benefits for many Nagios derivatives and appliances.

Pricing & support

This add-on is available free of charge. Support is covered by the i-doit Basic support option.

Do you have any questions on this add-on?

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