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i-doit pro Add-on OTOBO

Link i-doit CIs with Otobo tickets or use CIs for process management, e.g. to map change processes.

i-doit pro Add-on OTOBO


  • Calendar & Resource Management (StayOrganized).
  • Web Services (Ready2Adopt).
  • Process templates (Ready2Adopt).
  • Process templates for incidents, changes, onboarding/offboarding, procurement, etc.
  • Report Generator.
  • Ticket Timeline View.


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Further Functions

  • Audio-video contact (EasyConnect).
  • Notification Web View.
  • SMS Notification System.
  • Chat.
  • Contact with Data.
  • Field Selection Dialogue – The Selection Guide Pop-Up for SLAs.
  • Article Attachment Overview.
  • Dynamic Field Database – The connection of external databases.


By coupling Helpdesk and the CMDB, a new category “OTOBO” is created for each object type in i-doit. In this category, all tickets assigned to a CI are displayed.

At this point, the direct creation of a new ticket is also possible, in which the i-doit CIs are directly linked to the ticket. Service desk employees can select a ticket customer via the user assignment and thus display all CIs assigned to him and the tickets generated by him.

Advantages of the coupling to i-doit

  • Linking support tickets with the CIs from i-doit and providing the CIs for process management.
  • Access to the CIs enables the mapping of change processes.
  • Since the tickets are available in i-doit, a simple type of evaluation via reports is possible.
  • IT services can be transferred to OTOBO via the bi-directional coupling.
  • By using i-doit pro, the monitos ITSM integration platform is expanded into a fully-fledged monitos ITSM suite.

Pricing & support

For information on pricing and support options, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

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