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i-doit pro Add-on OTOBO Connector

Integration solution of the ticket system OTOBO with i-doit.

i-doit pro Add-on OTOBO Connector


  • Create tickets in OTOBO with reference to i-doit objects
  • Create tickets in i-doit for objects in the ticket system
  • Send emails from OTOBO using data from i-doit
  • Monitor the occurrence of tickets to specific objects in i-doit
  • Navigate from i-doit object to ticket and vice versa with a single click


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An integration solution of the ticket system OTOBO with i-doit.

The maxence i-doit Connector consists of an add-on for the ticketing system OTOBO and an add-on for the IT documentation system i-doit. Together, they enable seamless integration between the ticketing system and i-doit. With the maxence i-doit Connector, you simplify your IT support and make it more efficient by establishing a link between tickets and the devices affected by support issues. You gain valuable insight into the quality of your IT components so you can proactively address potential issues before they occur.

Agent workflows are simplified by enabling direct navigation between the ticket system and i-doit in context. This allows agents to access background information about devices in i-doit with a simple click to help them resolve issues. During ticket creation in OTOBO, i-doit objects associated with the customer are displayed in a widget on the right side of the screen, either as a flat list or a tree view. The support customer is associated with i-doit data using the support customer's email address. When you hover over an i-doit object, a small pop-up window displays additional information about the object. If you click on the object, it will be added to the ticket.

In the ticket view, a list of i-doit objects is displayed with a link that allows you to go directly to the i-doit object for more information. Since support cases do not always refer to devices that are directly assigned to the particular customer, you also have access to other objects in i-doit via a search, so that the connection can always be made. Furthermore, lists of devices can be set up that are always offered to the agent for selection, such as "All printers".

With the maxence i-doit Connector it is also easy to create tickets directly from i-doit, to create email templates in OTOBO with i-doit data and to automate ticket processes. Via predefined tags you integrate data from i-doit into your email templates, which can be used on the one hand by agents and on the other hand by automated processes to automatically answer questions about data stored in i-doit and thus relieve the agents. The maxence i-doit Connector is compatible with OTOBO. It is offered by maxence businessconsulting GmbH in Dormagen. For maxence support and hosting customers the maxence i-doit Connector is included in the package price. Other interested parties can license the Connector from maxence.

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