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i-doit pro Add-on Relocate-CI

The "move" in IMAC processes has a great impact on IT documentation. This add-on reduces the work to a few mouse clicks.

i-doit pro Add-on Relocate CI


  • Documentation of geographical moves
  • Easy to use drag and drop GUI
  • Considers people, workstations and all included components
  • Historical log of past moves


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The i-doit Removal add-on simplifies the documentation in the course of a location move

Move means a big effort for the CMDB data maintenance
In many organizations the move teams are permanently busy.

If one person or a whole department moves, it means a lot of detail work for the IT service team and always administrative effort. Sometimes the data of the CMDB is forgotten, but it needs to be updated as soon as possible. Many processes are based on correct information on the location. The i-doit Removal add-on takes a lot of stress out of the IMAC processes.

Move of all objects from A to B – taking only a few mouse clicks
The add-on enables the i-doit user to select all effected objects at once and assign them to the new location. Because of the intelligent browser nothing is forgotten anymore. If you use the workplace function of i-doit you will reduce the effort even more.

Who do we recommend the use of this add-on for?
The target group are people, who want do quickly work on moves in the CMDB, without having to dive too deep into the entire i-doit data world. Also Managed Service Providers, who intend to further professionalize their IMAC processes and want to accelerate them.

Pricing & support

This add-on is available free of charge. Support is covered by the i-doit Basic support option.

Do you have any questions on this add-on?

If you need more information about this add-on, please send us a message. We will contact you in a timely manner.