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i-doit Add-on Rights Documentation

Record and control authorizations between business departments and IT. Authorizations can be linked to business applications via LDAP/LDAPs.

i-doit pro Add-on Rights Documentation


  • Group assignment with authorizations via LDAP/LDAPs, e.g. permissions in the file system, specialist procedures, GPOs, etc.
  • Assigning permissions for specialist applications
  • Definition of the software model, update intervals and their performed checks
  • Provided and used versions of a specialized application





With the i-doit Rights Documentation add-on, department managers can quickly and easily check which permissions their employees have and, if necessary, lower them or add to them via the IT department. Managers are thus provided with a highly up-to-date auditing tool without gaining direct access to critical directory services such as Active Directory. You can see at any time what permissions your employees have, which inevitably results in more transparency and improved communication between IT and business departments. 

New categories allow you to manage permissions in the people and people groups for each business application. Likewise, additional information about the departments, licensing and the databases and update intervals used can be defined in the specialist application.

Pricing & Support

This add-on is available free of charge. Support is covered by the i-doit Basic Support Option.

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