Combine monitoring and IT documentation

Cryptic message lines, flickering screens, flashing lights and shrill alarms – in movies or on TV the admin and his monitoring screen always come into focus when the action escalates. However, IT monitoring in combination with an IT documentation software means much more than just the dramatic escalation. Ideally they prevent escalation right from the start and make sure that the IT works.

During our monitoring week we not only do away with old clichés, but also focus on the many possibilities that can arise from a combination of IT documentation and monitoring solution.

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When do you need a monitoring solution? Do you rely on a solution with or without agents? Which solution is the best when? Our monitoring white paper answers all these questions.

Monitoring and IT documentation –
a strong combination for admins

Why monitoring software in combination with IT documentation offers real added value!

Konfigurationsmanagement in einer i-doit CMDB

You are the master of the IT landscape

Here the database is buggy, there the IP routing is stuck and the server DAU-1 is offline – a glance at the dashboard of the monitoring tool shows what is going on in the IT landscape. The tool systematically records the status of the systems in real time. In order to be able to estimate the effects of failures and malfunctions in their bandwidth, additional transparency regarding relationships and dependencies is required.

The solution: i-doit is a cost-efficient software solution for central IT documentation that maps dependencies and relationships between objects, users and responsible parties in complex IT environments. If a component fails, you can immediately see from the documentation who or which other technical services are affected by the fault.

You get to the bottom of things

Without IT, little works in the company and business! To ensure that operations can run smoothly, monitoring tools help to consistently monitor what is happening in the IT landscape. If a fault is indicated, rapid action is required. Knowing which component is affected by the malfunction only helps in the beginning. In order to rectify the fault permanently and prevent protracted problems, the cause and trigger must be identified.

The solution: The combination of IT monitoring and IT documentation with the help of i-doit sheds light on the problem and creates the perfect basis for the required “root-cause analysis”. Using the network of dependencies and relationships traced in the documentation, it is possible to research which object is responsible for the failure.

Konfigurationsmanagement in einer i-doit CMDB
Konfigurationsmanagement in einer i-doit CMDB

You don’t like useless duplication

Like any admin tool, monitoring software basically requires information on the objects in the IT landscape. Instead of the tedious, error-prone work of manual entry and multiple data storage, it is much more convenient – i.e. more efficient – to solve this task with a central database.

The solution: You use i-doit as central IT documentation to fill your monitoring software with data on the IT objects to be monitored. This saves time and, above all, is more reliable, since only one central database is maintained instead of many “data islands”.