Service Desk

Effective support despite complex IT structures

We’ve all been there …

… it’s Friday afternoon. You’re so close to the weekend. At this very moment one of the most important systems in your company fails. But you only realize this when the first employee calls to tell you “I can’t do anything. The network is down.”

You know what to do: it’s a matter of finding the fault, fixing it as quickly as possible and still being able to start the weekend on time. Although this seems to be becoming less likely by the minute. But there is a ray of light…

Fortunately, you have up-to-date IT documentation. And you’ve connected your service desk to the CMDB. You can see immediately which system has failed, who is affected and which alternatives are available to you. With just a few clicks, you can route all your data traffic through a backup system. The ticket with all details of the failed system has already been triggered automatically. So while the technicians take care of the breakdown, you happily lock up your office for the weekend.

Are you already using a solution like this?

The combination of service desk and CMDB brings many advantages. During our service desk special you will learn everything about service desk, CMDB and IT documentation. You can find all important information and checklists in our white paper.

Service Desk – competent support in your company

Service Desk Whitepaper

Why do you need a service desk solution? How can it support your daily work? And what does it actually have to do with the topic of IT documentation?

Find the answers to these questions in our whitepaper.

I want to provide the best possible support for my users

How can a service desk solution help me with this?

Daten aus CMDB direkt an Service Desk

Your IT documentation is the first point of contact for problem solving

One of the essential tasks of the service desk is to document and solve emerging incidents. So what could be more convenient than having direct access to all information connected to the corresponding system in the event of an operational incident. Ideally, you even have access to the initial configuration of a system component, which you can then simply reload. Or at least you know who the contact person is who can help you with more complex issues.

Channeling routine service requests

Many service requests result from planned and therefore foreseeable changes or updates. It is therefore only logical if the person responsible for the service desk also uses this tool to inform employees in advance about (maintenance) work. Once informed about this, many tickets become superfluous. The time saved can be used to get the systems running again as quickly as possible.

Service Desk kommuniziert an User
Kommunikation ind er CMDB dokumentieren

Documenting user communication

Ideally, the service desk acts as a single point of contact in the communication with the user. This is where all requests come together. Answers take the same path back to the questioner. This process ensures maximum transparency, increases efficiency and reduces further requests to a minimum. It is in everyone’s interest to maintain a smooth and, most importantly, clearly defined flow of communication.